Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Undervoting is the Principled Stand

If you're someone who just votes Democratic or republican because your family does or because of the brand, then this post isn't for you.

Frankly, this post isn't for you if you're a republican either. You should stop reading now and I'll see you guys in the comment section.

This post is for those that are Democrats because of their values.

For those of you that are actually Democrats because of your values, you should really consider undervoting.

I wrote about this before and it got under the skin of a few people and I feel its necessary to respond to some of the "counter-arguments".

First, lets dispel with the myth that any of the two candidates is slightly better or worse than the other. Both are terrible for the border. One voted to gut public education, the other a spoiled right kid who was born with a silver foot in his mouth, to borrow a phrase from former Texas Governor Ann Richards, and a terrible leadership record.

Both are bad for El Paso.

Second, undervoting won't prevent either of these two clown candidates from winning. One is going to win and as a result, El Paso will lose. But this isn't like the choice between Hillary and Drumpf. Neither candidate was particularly appealing to me, but I know Hillary was no where near as bad as Drumpf...and now we have Drumpf as POTUS.

Someone has to win and that is going to suck. But...if you are a Democrat for your principles and values, you'd never vote for a Republican for a policy-making position because their values and priorities are antithetical to ours.

So why would you sell out those values to vote for either Republican? Seriously, if voting for a Republican in any other policy position is a non-starter for you, why would you all of a sudden be willing to compromise your values just because this race is allegedly non-partisan? Just because the candidates don't declare their party in this race doesn't mean it isn't relevant. Party is about your governing priorities and the orientation of values as a governing body. Why do you think that all-of-a-sudden doesn't matter?

Think it doesn't matter, take something said by David Saucedo at a recent forum. He was asked about the sanctuary cities bill and he did everything he could do to sound like a Democrat because he knew he was in a room full of Democrats. But what he said, from a policy stand point, was scary. He said he'd like to stop paying the CBP $3 million a year for overtime and give that money to police to do the job.

He essentially is advocating in favor of having local law enforcement become defacto border patrol agents.

I've heard some say that its stupid for people to put their party before El Paso.

Those people that say that are what I like to call, ignorant.

Undervoting isn't putting your party before the community, its putting your values before bad choices. When did it become a bad thing to take a principled stand?

I realize for some people like Abel Rodriguez and his Cathedral clique that words like "principles" and "values" is a foreign concept to them. But nonetheless, for the rest of us that are Democrats because of values and being informed, voting for any candidate that is from a party that is antithetical to what is important to us is not an option.

And finally, understand that there is a mountain of difference between NOT VOTING and UNDERVOTING.

Saucedo said something really poignant at that debate that actually resonated with me, so mark this down. When complaining about low voter turnout and voter apathy he said it was in part because "we continue to vote in mediocre candidates".

He's absolutely right. And the fact that despite having so many options to vote for, El Pasoans set a record for voter apathy in the general election. Candidates like Margo and Saucedo are both the symptom and the cause.

When voters don't like the candidates, they don't go vote. They stay home. You need candidates that force them to leave their homes to go and cast a ballot. Sitting out isn't an option because it doesn't send a message.

But if you're a Democrat and you go through the trouble of going out to the polls and undervote, you're sending a principled message. You're saying I choose none of the above.

You aren't throwing a vote away, you're taking a stand on your values. Consider it a meaningful act of civil disobedience to say you refuse to give up your values to vote for the least shitty of shitty candidates.

Undervote. Vote in the other races on the ballot, just skip the mayoral race.

And tell your friends.


Anonymous said...

Undervoting is how you get morons in office. You're advocating for chaos and uncertainty and stupidy here. Is "party" affiliation worth it?

Anonymous said...

I think all comments should be shown....

The Lion Star said...

They are.