Wednesday, May 10, 2017

You'll Have to Forgive David K...

But he's a huge hypocrite.

David K wrote another piece about me and Susie Byrd.

I get sick of David K implying shit about me - but I get really bothered by it when he's being a massive hypocrite.

I'll get to me in a minute, but lets talk about his comments about Susie Byrd. David K won't admit this in his blog, but he couldn't be more far up Jim's ass if he were a free steak dinner at Ruth's Chris.

So he gets mad when anyone is opposed to Jimbo. He blames Tolbert being in a run-off on Susie Byrd. He says its because she's a campaign goddess and that the Times does her bidding. Why does he say that?

Because David is a crazy. He hath become that what he dreadeth.

First of all, Susie had four Girls Night Out candidates or whatever that PAC is that she runs. Alexsandra Annello, Cassandra Brown, Diana Ramos, and Leila Melendez.

Ramos and Melendez lost and didn't make run-off elections. And hate to pull the rug out of your conspiracy theories there David, but Susie and I were actually head-to-head in that school board race. My guy beat her candidate.

And to blow another hole in DK's little tin foil hat...the Times didn't endorse her candidate in the D4 race. They mentioned two candidates, gave the endorsement to Haggerty and didn't mention her candidate.

So much for control of the Times.

Susie is batting .500 in this election cycle.

David K refuses to admit that the investigation is an issue for voters. Apparently the results of the election don't matter to David, but facts should at least register with the guy. They do matter and you'd know that if you weren't trying to blog about a town you don't live in. DK has become completely detached.

But I will admit that David K at least understands that Byrd doesn't support Tolbert anymore. That is yet another self-inflicted wound that can be added to Steak-gate, Asshole-gate, and Meeting-gate that David will somehow find a way to blame Susie or me for.

And where the hell DK gets his idea that I'm critical of Tolbert because I didn't run his campaign would be funny if it weren't so damn stupid. First of all, I was critical of Tolbert since the start of Steak-gate, which was a really long time ago. Way before all of his other problems. Second of all Chris Hernandez is running his campaign.

I get really sick of David K implying shit on his blog when he's a massive hypocrite. David K writes stuff for the financial benefit of his family business - and then has the nerve to point at other people.

Come on David, everyone knows that is why you write what you write and that you are in the tank for your buddy  Jim Tolbert. I have friends that are politicos too and sometimes they are candidates. You know what the difference is, I have the balls to be critical of them if I think they deserve it and you don't.

So while you're pointing the finger at me - just realize that your boy Jim Tolbert made a picture of your mom and daddy with him as his Facebook cover photo. Seriously, stop being such a massive hypocrite.

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Anonymous said...

David K used to be a funny, progressive-thinking blogger who had interesting inside information. He's become bitter, angry, shrill and a conspiracy theorist. It's too bad. He used to be fun to read. Now he just comes off as pathetic.