Wednesday, June 7, 2017

County Judge Buzz

Lots going on in my blog today, but here's a quick one about the county judge race.

There are two possibly three members of commissioner's court that are interested in being the next county judge.

There are indications that both Commissioners Leon and Stout are considering a run for the seat soon to be vacated by County Judge Veronica Escobar.

Former El Paso Mayor John Cook has already announced his intent to seek the County Judge position.

I'm pretty sure you'll end up with people from outside government run but its hard to see viable options out there when you consider how terrible of a field it was for the mayoral election.

Stay tuned to this one...


Anonymous said...

Cook is a nonstarter, his Mayorship showed that he was easily swayed by power brokers, lacked political courage by making statements then withdrawing next day, self serving and user by telling everyone he voted for partners rights because of Gays-true out of his own mouth is he stated a vote against the bill was a vote against his daughters children and lover- embarrassement by giving President his tasteless sauce instead of key to the city and as a stupid attempt to promote his sauce, announced he would start nonprofit to market sauce and help veterans-truth once nonprofit is establish he becomes Director and decides his salary. There's more but list is too long.

Leon is a nice guy but is lifeless and appears to be afraid to rock the boat. Done nothing during his term.Hes just there testing the wind before voting.

Stout is self serving, an opportunist and self important. Uses Spanish to swoon the Hispanic crowd and pretending to feel them and their pain. He is nothing but a bell hop for Escobar and high heel licker.

Jamie, these people might be your friends but "once again" if they campaign for the seat we will be faced with a choice of which would make the group of the Three Stooges Revival show. My guess Leon wouldn't-he is lifeless. Cook might get the bald gig and Stout perhaps as Moe because he believes he's the smartest.

The Lion Star said...


Anonymous said...

I am hoping Vince Perez will run.
He reps my district and I know he would have to vacate during his term if he wins, but under the circumstances that is both completely forgivable and supportable.

Although it would be a big loss to my district, I would much rather have him as County Judge than the others, especially Cook the worst Mayor in the history of El Paso.