Wednesday, June 21, 2017

EPISD Travel Turmoil

Have you seen the El Paso Times' latest investigative piece on travel involving the EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera's extravagant travel?

If you haven't, you should click here to read it.

I don't know what is more frustrating about the story, the fact that he doesn't seem to care what he spends, the fact that Dori Fenenbock doesn't seem to care either, the fact that Bob Geske didn't fucking know about it, that Chuck Taylor not only knows about it but has the absolute dumbest justification for it in the history of dumb shit said by a school board member, or that they wasted time on some AIPAC meeting.

I know, that was one hell of a run-on sentence. But there's a lot to unpack here, so walk with me.

First of all, expect David K to have a total meltdown over this story because Dori Fenenbock is white and David K not only loves to defend white people, but white people his family has close ties to.

Moving on, lets make sure we have a little reminder about how much people have put Juan Cabrera on a pedestal previously. Now David K isn't going to defend Cabrera because he's not white, but a whole lot of you reading this were building up Cabrera for basically no reason.

Now you're starting to see that the vato is always traveling and never around at the office. Just exactly what the hell are you guys paying him for?

And trust me, this is a screw up of every single board member. They never should've approved the amount of travel in their budget that they did. And where is their auditor? Did he raise the issue that there was abnormal travel and that the super's travel budget was almost exhausted and there's still a whole fiscal quarter left in the budget?

You know for being a Republican most of her voting life, you'd think Fenenbock would be more attentive to spending issues. And while I'm talking about it, why the hell do elected officials suddenly think its okay to blow public money when they would be frugal if it was their own travel?

I'm curious how often Cabrera paid first class and how often he flew with us common folk when trips were on his own dime? Not all elected and appointed officials are like that by the way. I know several that try to be as frugal as possible for tax payers (this is the part where media should do a ORR on local government travel) often driving instead of flying (when practicable), and getting cheap hotel rooms and splitting them instead of gucci shit luxury hotels.

And AIPAC? Really?

Even if not one red penny was spent on that, why the hell is the super wasting his time on a pro-israeli organization? What in the blue hell does that have to do with EPISD?

Avoiding comment

So now Cabrera and Fenenbock are avoiding comment on the story and demanding that questions be emailed in advance.


If the travel is legitimate, why the need to be coy or hide out from the media on this. Something isn't right here and its an insult to their constituents when elected and appointed officials don't answer questions.

What do you mean you haven't heard?

Bob Geske was asked about this issue by the El Paso Times and he basically said he didn't know anything about it. I don't understand elected officials that don't know about specific issues affecting their governing bodies. Do they not get briefings? Does he not monitor the news?

That guy better get on the ball and be an engaged board member asap. That organization just passed the largest bond in the history of El Paso County, they damn sure owe it to tax payers and their constituents to be on top of the pocket-book issues.

Really Chuck Taylor, Really?

I know you guys are going to think I'm making this shit up, so click on the above link and read the damn story so you can see for yourself the dumb shit Chuck Taylor said. He said that Cabrera would be judged by others if he stayed at a cheaper hotel. "We know that in America, status or symbols of status is a must for the executives' travel and associations".

Get the fuck outta here.

"...status or symbols of status is a must"?

No its not.

Its a shortcoming - but it is most certainly not a must.

EPISD is once again a cluster fuck.

At least they are consistent, I'll give them that.

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Anonymous said...

El Paso politicians all have the same attitude. Which is who gives a damn what the public thinks. Orourke is probably the only one that doesn't ride first class. He is so frugal I wouldn't be surprised to see him on I10 hitch hiking to Washington.

EPSID hasn't learned anything. It's that criminal mentality that although others are on trial they won't get caught.