Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fenenbock To Announce Congressional Bid Next Week

Sources close to the campaign have indicated that embattled EPISD School Board President Dori Fenenbock is set to announce her bid for a congressional run next week.

She would likely face County Judge Veronica Escobar who announced on Monday that she was not seeking reelection. That was an almost solid indication that her intention is to run for the seat being vacated by Congressman Beto O'Rourke.

Fenenbock is said to be looking at June 11th for the announcement date.

Fenenbock found herself in a controversy when Superintendent Juan Cabrera allegedly offered City Rep candidate Shane Haggerty a campaign contribution and solicited his support for Fenenbock in the same conversation.

That led to Fenenbock stating that she wanted all media communications to go through her.

Rumor has it that the long-time Republican is going to actually run as a Democrat. The Democratic Primary will be held in March 2018.

From this point forward, just about everything they do will be scrutinized and have some political consequence, good or bad, for each of them.


Anonymous said...

If she is really a Republican and is running as a Democrat then she will lose creditibilty. Two strikes with the school deal.

But for Escobar, she has so many strikes that she shouldn't even pick up a bat. She's already lost every once of creditibilty.

Anonymous said...

I hope there are other people running. We don't want another Rep sneaking in like the Mayor.
Escobar is unlikable like Hillary. #LowEnergy

Anonymous said...

The Hillary-hating progressives gave us Trump. We can't allow that in El Paso. Fennenbock is a Trump-supporting social-climber Republican trying to sneak in as a Dem. She is bad news. She's not a fiscal conservative. She's in it for special interests and her family's gain. Just ask her why she pushed to spend millions on a new district office downtown. Surely it has nothing to do with her millionaire brother's purchase of the Camino Real at an inflated price. Surely she didn't push to spend the most in her kids' Coronado HS because it helps her family's million dollar condos development. Escobar may have her flaws but overall she's been an effective leader and she really does have El Paso interests first. And she's not a Trumpista. We already have Margo who will probably push SB4 on us. We don't need that in congress.

Anonymous said...

Fenenbock raised taxes via the useles bond, used EPISD platform and Juan Cabrera to build artificial recognition, pretends to know Spanish, pretends to be a Democrat, is part of the (elite) ruling class in El Paso who wants to keep people poor. this woman does not represent till Paso you'll never have anything in common with the people and is only running for Congress because she wants to feel special. she is trash and the only organization that has made her feel like she's worth a shit I'll Paso and away I know it's just a fluff media outlet for the rich who want publicity

as bad as Veronica is, this lady is WORSE!!! please beware and do not vote for this hypocrite fake El Pasoan

It's your Boy said...

1) Hillary lost because of her shitty record, being a corporate whore, and having an arrogant attitude towards true progressives and with Rust Belt states. So don't bring that bullshit to the table, please.

2) Vote on the issues, stupid. Vote for candidates that represent your views. Both candidates have shitty records, so we can't say "Well this candidate is less shity". Both of them are shitty. Resort on substantive policies, issues, and platforms. From what I know, she is not for Healthcare for all, so that's a bummer. She's for Public Option.

Oh, and brace yourself for that dumb bitch from Houston.

Anonymous said...

Looks like neither would represent the district. One would represent Juarez and the other the money. They both have decision making issues, both would continue waste of money. One loses money on every issue that was suppose to improve the county. The other likes to spend taxpayer money. The albatross' are children's hospital failure and construction of million dollar condos in a district that has low wages and highest property taxes in Texas.

Aren't there any qualified, civic minded, statesmen that would campaign for Congress ? If these are the only candidates expect another low voter turnout.

Anonymous said...

Dori Fenenbock is working hard to make this city a better place for our children and in doing so it helps all of us..
We must not lose sight of what is best for our city, being petty and small minded will not move us forward. Let's do what is best for El Paso
And leave the hate behind!