Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joe Moody - Homeboy of the Week

My bad. I should've written this post a long time ago.

I'm often critical of our local leaders because, well frankly - they deserve it!

But I should give credit where credit is due.

For far too long in the past, our delegation that represented El Paso was known basically for infighting and making fools of themselves.

But now that the main culprits are out office, its about time that we had a legislator recognized for being effective instead of being recognized for being a Bum Steer or furniture.

So props to State Rep Joe Moody for making a list for being a good legislator.

We already knew that, but its nice that the rest of the state is catching up.

Joe Moody, this week's Homeboy of the Week.

(Moody has won a couple of times so far, he's quickly becoming the Alec Baldwin of the LSB)

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