Monday, June 5, 2017

Sam Morgan calls SB4 "Legitimate"; Will Enforce

District 4 candidate Sam Morgan said in a recent forum that he would instruct the Chief of Police Greg Allen to enforce SB4, characterizing the controversial law against Sanctuary Cities "legitimate" and the "law of the land".

The question was asked by KINT Channel 26 Anchor Hector Urrutia during a debate held at El Paso Community College.

Only two candidates were in attendance at the forum, Sam Morgan and David Saucedo.

The answer bothered me because SB4 is the most clearly racially-motived piece of legislation that I can recall in my lifetime. Recently there was an opinion piece against undervoting in the run-off for the mayoral election and it evoked images of hoses and dogs being let loose on minorities.

At some point in American history, a lot of really dumb laws were the "law of the land" including forbidding women and minorities from voting, interracial marriage, same sex marriage, and oh yeah...owning other human beings.

"Law of the land" is a huge and insulting cop-out. Morgan owes an explanation to a lot of voters, especially the latino community of District 4.

If you recall, I was also critical of Morgan keeping a contribution from Dee Margo after Margo called the border wall a "Freedom Fence".


Anonymous said...

Regardless of opinion of SB4, I can't imagine a city council member instructing the Chief to disregard or disobey a law. That would open the door to possible litigation. Let's wait for the court ruling. Anyway Wiles states he's complaining with federal requirements therefore there shouldn't be any violations of the state or fed law. Plus, didn't Esccobar state we are not a sanctuary city ?

The Lion Star said...

Escobar works at the county.

There are plenty of laws that were unjust and people fought them.

Look up Jim Crow.

Anonymous said...

Why is the law unjust? What about the people who have been following the rules and have been waiting for years for the privilege of becoming Americans? Doesn't a sovereign nation have a right to protect its borders?