Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Saucedo Ducks Margo

The Northeast Business Association held a forum last night at the Northeast Regional Command Center.

Mayoral candidate Dee Margo was in attendance but Republican candidate David Saucedo was a no-show.

The organizers mentioned Saucedo was invited to attend but he was not in attendance. Margo spoke to the crowd and gave them a chance to ask him questions.

To my knowledge, that was the last scheduled debate of the campaign season.


Michael said...

"Republican candidate Saucedo" and what "now" Latino Margo is not a Republican anymore?

Did you write a blog a couple days ago stating how Margo not in attendance at another forum or civic group. But not worded the same, Title "Saucedo Ducks Margo"

We get it you hate Saucedo.

Its your blog but "just saying..."

Anonymous said...

Michael, in all honesty if he doesn't have it together at this point, it's too late. It would have been interesting to have a real debate, no topics or anything provided in advance.

David would be in over his head if he got the job. He's like the kid that wants to be an astronaut with an IQ of 20. I would think we have the kid with a bad driving record and wants to take Dads new car for a spin.

DONT give him the keys !