Thursday, June 8, 2017

Socorro Rep Evades Transparency?

According to emails obtained by The Lion Star Blog, Socorro City Rep Yvonne Colon-Villalobos, who together with City Rep Maria Reyes engineered the railroading of former Mayor Gloria Rodriguez, inexplicably decided to move away from using the city-issued email addressed assigned to her, in favor of using per personal email address for business purposes.

This issue has raised some eyebrows in Socorro because there is basically no reason to not use the city-issued email address to conduct official city business.

Some would say that switching from an assigned email address to your personal email address conduct city business is - and this is really pulling some punches, sketchy. Some have also said that in their opinion it looks like a deliberate effort to side-step the Open Records Act.

Emails of city business would still have to be turned over if requested even if they are on her personal account or devices. You would think after all the scrutiny of emails and open record requests at the City of El Paso that members of Socorro city government would want to be the much more...whats the word I'm looking for here....oh yeah - transparent.

Members of council in Socorro are issued official emails from the City of Socorro to conduct business. The City's IT Department maintains the emails and email traffic flows through the City's hardware and software.

But offering no explanation, City Rep Colon-Villalobos has gone away from using the City-issued email address.

This will no-doubt lead to a public discussion as to why an effort was made to evade the city-issued email address. The public deserves an explanation as to why a city rep in Socorro of all places, thinks its smart policy to use a private email address for public business.

She also apparently is no longer using her city-issued cell phone. Something is odd in the City of Verona...

Back at it ....

City Rep Maria Reyes and Yvonne Colon-Villalobos are backing candidate Avalos for mayor in an effort for them to form a majority voting block on council. Both city reps have been under the influence (some in Socorro say direction) of controversial former Socorro city manager Lorenza Fraire. Some in Socorro indicate that their close relationship with Fraire is an indication of their intent to reinstate her as the Socorro City Manager.

A few years ago Reyes upset a lot of city officials and community members when she was arranging a serious of meetings with people without telling them she was going to bring a close friend with her to the meetings. The meetings were to discuss former Socorro Police Chief Jaime Avalos' departure from the City of Socorro.

Socorro is a small place so I'm checking to see if the candidate Reyes is supporting for mayor is related to the Avalos that Reyes was scheduling meetings on behalf of, and if so - why?

Much more on this later!

Speaking of Back at it...

Little Jesse"Dead Chickens" Gandara is once again operating a clandestine Facebook page. He can't use his really name for obvious reasons, he's not well liked in Socorro, but he can't control himself and has to try to get back into the mix again.

Poor guy, he makes it so damn obvious.

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Anonymous said...

El Paso county politicians are so stupid they even know how to hide their activities. Knowing emails are a hot topic why would you play the system ? If you're going to hide, use a phone, face to face in an alley or the elementary school method of passing a note in class.