Friday, June 16, 2017

Still Working on Jail Thing...

But I had a funny observation.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Officer's Association spent a ton of money - I mean wasted a ton of good union dues - on trying to get rid of Sheriff Richard Wiles.

And they talked a lot of shit about him on Facebook. And even more shit at the polling places.

I mean a lot of shit.

But after blowing all the money, they got their ass kicked.

Which is why its funny to me that while I review the video of the meeting, its hilarious to me that the guy they spent so much time and money to destroy was the guy that stood up for them.

I mean he's wrong as the day is long, but he's the one that went to bat for them.

I think the jailers should form one big long ass line after their shifts to go and kiss the Sheriff's ass for going to bat for them, especially after the shit their leadership pulled in the last election.

Sit tight, I'll have a detailed post with video showing how the Court failed this community.

Stay tuned.

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