Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Taking a Knee

I have a lot to post about how our leaders let this community down on Monday at Commissioner's Court. Trust me, I have a lot to say about this and how some of them are flat out misleading the public.

I have a lot to post about the election. Winners, losers, and sprinkles.

I have a lot to post about the congressional race coming up. Someone else is trying to mislead people.

But for now, all of that can wait today.

A very tragic accident occurred recently and a good guy, Alberto Halpern, is in critical condition. Sometimes politics needs to take a back seat.

Y'all say a prayer for a genuinely decent human being. Worked with him when I was a staffer and he was a reporter. When he was a staffer and I was doing my day job. Drank some beers with the guy. Seriously a decent human being.

Oh, and treasure your loved ones - things like this are never planned or expected.


Anonymous said...

You got it ! about yourr blog please keep posting stories like the last one. Nonpartisan and stating facts/truth.
I will keep yourr friend in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Please post any updates you get.