Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Election Post

I know, I know a lot of you have been waiting around for the election post. Sorry, got busy doing other things.

Winners & Losers - well you know the election results but there are always some extra important results that have a little more to talk about than others. Before I get into that - this is a note for candidates thinking about running for office in El Paso. When you hire a consultant or a firm, you better make damn sure you're the only client, or at least the main client. If the candidate isn't 100% focused on your campaign, don't pay them. Seriously. I mean that shit. Pay attention. Don't pay them! You might as well light campaign checks on fire.

Okay lets get into it...

This election cycle was mostly full of beat downs. 8+ points is a solid victory but double digits is a beat down. Anything in the teens and above and its a wipe-out. Most elections were around the neighborhood of 60-40 - a 20 point margin is usually unthinkable but happened a lot this cycle.

Dee Margo was a winner, and as a result - so was the GOP. The Democrats in town need to see this election as a wake-up call. We didn't even make the playoffs. The reality is that the GOP is more disciplined and more united than the Democratic Party who has spent years refining our capacity to eat our own young. Every election cycle since Beto's congressional bid the GOP has slowly but steadily made their mark and influence felt. This election just made Commissioner Haggerty irrelevant as the GOP standard bearer.

David Saucedo & Team were losers. And I don't just mean Chris Hernandez - although he had a terrible election cycle and its hard to see how candidates give him a seriously look going forward. He got his ass handed to him in basically every race and wasn't even competitive. Most candidates will rightfully wonder what they paid him for because it damn sure didn't show up in the results.

But he'll bounce back eventually, I'm sure he learned things like not taking on too much work at once. He got fired from Cissy Lizarraga's campaign and she upgraded to Mike Apodaca to run her field program in the run-off.

But the entire team failed miserably on this one. Carlos Sierra helped out on this one. He's trying desperately to be able to get back in the game but he has to volunteer or get paid under the table because the minute he comes up on a finance report, its problems for his candidate. He apparently was brought on to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

Y'all remember Sierra right? He's the guy that said he was going to run Acosta, Vince Perez, and Escobar out of politics in El Paso. Well Acosta ran herself out, Vince just got reelected without an opponent and Escobar is running for congress. Good job there Carlos, looks like you're a smashing success!

An honorable mention is whoever the hell was in charge of messaging and communications from day one of this campaign. It was a disorganized clusterfuck of capirotada from the get-go. Hopefully this will mark the end of newsletter from a campaign. I sometimes feel like they exist to give someone something to do on a campaign.

I can't think of when they have ever been of benefit to anyone and in the case of Saucedo, they just provided a vehicle for absurdity, like his Mexican stand-off cartoon or the time he said he was going to fire people he doesn't have the ability to fire. Seriously, is there no one there to protect the candidate from their own stupid ideas?

Although I sincerely hope he puts some money into a sequel to his boxing commercial.

I need closure.

I can picture it, he's back in the locker room, huddled up in a little corner with some weird luchador putting frozen carne molida on the black eye and broken nose he got from Margo. And just when it looks bleakest, you start to hear "Hotline Bling" in the background and he looks up with a smile and a little tear running down his cheek from his swollen black eye - fade to black and the spot ends with the ghost of Aliana Apodaca telling him to get back in that gym.

Before I move on, David Saucedo himself gets on honorable mention on this one. The guy showed he will say and do anything to get elected like pretend to mop up coffee he spilled, act like a progressive Democrat, and dance, dance, dance, dance. Voters are smarter than that and see through it every time. He's going to ride off in to the sunset and end up sitting next to Jimmy Suerkin in some hipster bar in Austin some day.

But this guy didn't write a check to his own campaign, and that ladies and gentlemen is why he gets an honorable mention. Why wouldn't you put your own money where your mouth is and contribute to your own campaign? Making a run-off in that field isn't an accomplishment, no matter how badly you'd like to take a victory lap for it.

Jeremy Jordan also gets an honorable mention. Not that he did anything, but just because a guy who is completely devoid of any political talent has the nerve to invoice a candidate is hilariously stupid to me.

He'll probably never run for office again, and rightfully so.

Jaime Barceleau & His Boatloads of Cash

I hope candidates learn another lesson, when Forma tells you to go negative in the bottom of the 9th, don't do it. It never works. It just looks desperate and leaves you stained from the effort.

But seriously, I warned everyone about Barceleau. How bad of a candidate do you have to be that you have all that cash and you still get your ass handed to you?

Here's how bad...

Honorable mention goes to Norma Favela

Shame on her for making a personal attack on another woman, especially when she herself has had to deal with that as a candidate.

Barceleau is done in politics after that dismal performance. He now has to go back to being Favela's plus one. At least until she loses.

Jim Tolbert

Well I guess we can now get passed the absurd idea that Jim wasn't under investigation. He clearly was and the electorate booted him out of office very quickly. And they made a statement doing so.

Now he can go back to calling people an asshole and no one cares.

Also, word on the street is that he's been interviewed in that investigation he said isn't happening...

Ruby Ramirez

Girl, why are you still trying to do this? Seriously, you lost a community college trustee race? You worked on two of the three candidates in that campaign and still found a way to lose?
Come on!


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Sprinkles are for winners.

Apodaca gets sprinkles.

And the Yselta Teachers Association gets sprinkles for doing what they do every election cycle  - win!

They took out the last of the old regime from the bad old days at YISD. They have a good rapport going with the super and they've showed their muscle in several elections. Other than the fire fighter's union, they are the only union in town that can truly move an election right now.


Jim Kelly said...

Yay! The Union helped ensure an inept superintendent who wears fucking eyeliner keeps his job. And let's not forget he ditched El Paso and only came back because he couldn't hack it in a larger district where people don't automatically buy the bullshit his Rico suave ass tries to peddle. I would say for that, the Union shouldn't get shit, unless they'll actually be noncomplacent and ensure their board members get rid of this telenovela washout.

The Lion Star said...

Ah, you're Pearsons nephew.

I remember you.

Its funny that you say that now about DLT because your uncle was a big cheerleader for the guy until very recently.

The union has won every election, including the bond, that they have been a part of. So what you're saying doesn't even begin to make sense.

Jim Kelly said...

You think the Union had a lot to do with parents in the Valley wanting their kids to have access to the same sports facilities as other kids in other parts of town? Was it the Union's idea to exploit that fact and send coaches and kids door to door to "get the vote?" Or was it all that Castro McMoney that made that possible?

But maybe I was unclear what my statement was about, and for that I apologize. Your Union leadership and union-backed board members have repeatedly stated their support for DLT in various forums and events. Stating that they are happy to have a superintendent that "allows teachers to do their jobs" and invites board members into campuses to engage with faculty, staff and students. If that is ALL it is going to take for some weak-ass board members to support Elvis Crespo then my point is made--the Union has backed some weak-ass candidates and needs to get its act together and really focus on backing teachers and not some shit-hole administrator.

Frankly, I'm surprised a true union guy like you would be such a fan of such a culero. My issue isn't with you, my issue is with our union's leadership having such a soft spot for DLT.