Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chicana Candidates Trend in Judicial Seats

Well we are rounding our way toward the next election season and you will certainly notice a big trend - the year of women candidates.

Two prominent El Paso lawyers have already made their campaign intentions known. Judge Monique Velarde and Patsy Lopez are starting early and going after seats currently held by male judges.

Word around the water cooler in the courthouse is that Judge Spiezney is going to retire and that is the seat that Patsy Lopez is pursuing. There are rumors that Gonzalo Garcia is also considering retirement but I'd bet money he isn't. "GG", as he is known around the courthouse has no shortage of critics in the legal field, primarily based on how he runs his court, his demeanor on the bench, and some pretty light sentences on repeat DUI offenders and Jesse Gandara.

Personally I think Esparza's office is just as guilty for Gandara getting a light sentence as anyone else, but that's another story.

To be clear, Lopez is not taking on an incumbent but she along with Velarde are both young but experienced Chicana lawyers that have invested in securing experienced campaign teams that are focused on strong field work.

Now that there are metrics in which to - no pun intended - judge the judges, I'm expecting a changing of the guard type of cycle on the bench. I bet you'll see a lot of Chicana candidates taking on the older Hispanic male establishment. Those metric numbers are going to make a lot of them very vulnerable.

More to follow...

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