Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cormell Views on Homosexuality a Real Threat

Robert Cormell has some seriously flawed views on homosexuality and its a real issue. He's implied you can cure the gay out of someone.

He's said that marriage between same sex couples undermines marriage as one of the pillars of our society. I guess all the divorces people have and all the two week celebrity marriages don't undermine marriage, but two people expressing their love and commitment to one another somehow does?

And he's also said that homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness at some point, which is accurate, but a level of dumbfuckery that is beneath a city council representative.

And here's the scary thing. He's probably going to win unless something serious changes. During his previous bid for mayor he promised to repeal domestic partner benefits. He's very close to getting into office and there are no indications that he has changed his mind since he ran a few years ago.

So this is a real issue.

Its not something to brush off.

He is going to be in a position to push forward that ultra-conservative and hateful agenda. This isn't a manufactured red herring, this is an actual policy change Cormell has promised he would pursue and should be taken seriously.

Let me wrap this up with a personal note about this issue. As many of you know, I have a gay child. I resent the hell out of religious conservatives that attack the gay community. We must be reading out of a different book, because the Jesus I know doesn't preach hate. He word is love, not hate.

He preached about the importance of love, family, reconciliation, forgiveness, and being good to one another. He spoke about the evils of adultery and greed. But you know what He never said anything about?

Homosexuality. If it were something bad and some horrific "abomination" you'd think He would've taught about it right?

Be He taught a whole lot about love.

If you follow the religious premise that God doesn't make mistakes (which I do), then my child is not an abomination, she's God's child.

The most dangerous thing about bigotry is that much like the devil himself, it was learned how to hide. It has learned to wrap itself up in a nice suit and slick rhetoric.

Don't let the small-minded conservatives put this guy on council. Get out and vote, ride your skateboard to the polling place if you have to, this is a serious issue.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Cooks reason his vote on the issue. It wasn't out of concern for gays as he led people to believe. He voted for the Bill because his,then, unmarried daughter, live in and children would go without insurance coverage. So all those so called supporters just use gays and Hispanics for votes.

Jud Burgess said...

One of the most flawed and disingenuous aspects of modern Christianity is the “love the sinner, hate the sin” cliche that they are fond of repeating when they get grilled on their viewpoints.

It masks a deep fear and loathing of LGBTQ people...or anyone who lives differently than they. Because we all know Christians don’t sin, and always have stones ready to throw.

I too have a beautiful and talented gay daughter and she didn’t decide one day she would be that way, she just always has been and people like Cormell will look you in the eye and say he has no problem with her, and then follow it up with “but God does have a problem with her.”

He said as much in his ABD 7 xtra debate with David Marcus.

inept said...

To my knowledge, I have to go as for as my wife's cousin 6 times removed to find a gay person in my family. Of course, statistically, there are much closer gay relations for both my wife and me. Jesus said if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. I don't see many Christians running around looking like pirates. Jesus said that if you hand caused you to sin, cut it off. Again, a commandment which if followed would make Sunday morning at church look like a pirate convention. Actually some churches do look like pirate conventions, but I digress. Even with the use of hyperbole as pedological device, Jesus never even hinted at any opposition to homosexuality. My children are straight, brown eyed and Mestizo. I love them. If they were blue eyed, gay and Nordic, I would love them as much. When I was a kid, Christians and Republicans were known for kind and generous hearts. Both groups were active in the community doing good for the sake of goodness and to enhance their credibility as witnesses for their faith. Today, both groups have surrendered themselves to meanness. Cissy is a fine person and a devout Christian. Were she not, I would still have to vote for her because there is just too much yucky stuff surrounding Mr. Cormell.

Anonymous said...

Many Christians these days focus way too much on homosexuality and gay marriage. Yes, homosexuality is considered a sin but so are adultery, gossip, and maligning to name a few. The bottom line is that Christianity allows for free will but also demands accountability for actions. If Cormel is elected I hope he will focus his energy on taming the City budget rather than engineering social change, as progressives love to do.

WesTXconejo said...

I miss the old days when local government was about lowering property taxes and fixing streets. I guess it's now all about identity politics and championing policy way above the level of city government. It's like, if LGBTQ issues were so important to a particular candidate, isn't there an El Paso U.S. Congressional race they can run for coming up where these can actually be addressed? I guess I long for the days when our politicians were interested in doing something rather than making an image for themselves or political dynasty for their already elected family members? Oh wait, that only describes Lizaragga? Oh. I guess I'm voting for Cormell then, because I really need my property taxes lowered and my sidewalk fixed.

The Lion Star said...

Your argument would make sense if it weren't for the fact that Cormell promised he'd make that vote. So your criticism of the issue should be aimed at Cormell.

It'll be interesting to see if you sing the same tune if he introduces some extremist bullshit like anti-sharia law ordinances.

Anonymous said...

Everyone "progressive" in El Paso just tries to prove they are more hardcore left wing than other people. For example.

Dem A says "I support gay marriage" Dem B "well I support trans bathroom rights"
Dem A SAYS " OH YA, Well I support pedophile rights"
Dem B "Fuct it, I support sex with animals! EQUALITY!!"

The issue that Cormell focuses on is that liberals on a slippery slope to complete and total degeneration due to politicizing serious policy issues like LGBTQ the point where it becomes a dangerous joke.

As a representative, Cormell should vote according to the will of his constituents. If they oppose LGBTQ stuff,it does not make them evil, it just proves that policy making is a dynamic, ever changing dialogue that requires people on both sides of the isle to engage in diplomacy.

Dems and liberals will keep loosing seats from the local level, to the national level if they keep pushing agendas that do not resonate with the people they seek to serve. Cissy might have a view that resonates with that outstanding majority in California, but perhaps not in District 8 El Paso, and thats why Cormell will win.

The Lion Star said...

God damn. I've seen some stupid fucking shit said by conservatives, but I'm even surprised at the level dumbfuckery you just stopped to.

Anonymous said...

From what cracks did these fucking people crawl out of?