Thursday, July 20, 2017

Election Officials Make Complaints About Socorro Officials

File this under that really full folder called Only in Socorro...

Once again City Reps Maria Reyes and Yvonne Colon-Villalobos find themselves in the middle of controversy - and their mayoral candidate Ivy Avalos (Colon-Villalobos' subordinate).

I've heard reports of their behavior during the campaign, but Soco is particularly Loco during election season. And if you've never campaigned in the valley, its something of a contact sport. Its very confrontational and in your face. Socorro has refined this to nuclear purity.

Do you know how bad your behavior has to be to get complained about in Socorro? The police are often at polling places in Socorro.

So if something rises to a complaint in Socorro, its especially egregious.

Its even more egregious if its the actual elections personnel making the complaint. Normally they are the people that you do the complaining to.

Instead, they sent letters of complaint to the City of Socorro because their behavior was so bad.

This demonstrates a real lack of stability among the people mentioned in the complaint. And here's the REALLY shameful thing about it. The people that were participating in this bad behavior were...wait for it...ELECTED OFFICIALS!

And a mayoral candidate.

Here's a screen shot of one of the letters. This letter is from Sandra Ramirez who works in the Elections Department at the County. Ramirez says in part,

"It is an absolute embarrassment to the community to see them fighting with each other and yelling things back and forth to each other."

She goes on to say that they were non-compliant, disregarded the rules and likened their behavior to "children".

Here's another letter from even more election officials.

The Election Judge and the Alternate both identified the same individuals as the elections department staff member identified.

There is not only a general lack of self-control and instability, but it also speaks to a level of entitlement - they think the rules don't apply to them because they are elected officials in Socorro.

The questionable activity doesn't stop there. There's more, but I'll get to that in another post.


Anonymous said...

This is so horrible. So many Socorro residents have real life issues that they need their government to deal with and instead they are busy with petty infighting!
Look at the poor residents whose homes are completely destroyed and under Mud due to recent flooding caused by developments in areas North of the freeway that have messed up the Arroyo process! Who is supposed to help and represent them?

Anonymous said...

Some adult in soccoro should take the whole council to a good old fashion wood shed lesson. Maybe then the childish behavior will stop. Feel sorry for the voters, I don't. They get what they vote !

Anonymous said...

First of all it is Maria Reyes not Garcia. What is so comical is that all the people they were yelling obscenities at are now going to vote for the opposition. How can they court the voters that they were so rude to. At the end of the day it pays to always be nice