Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fenenbock Stumbles Out of TX16 Starting Blocks

*Stunt Double, not actually Fenenbock
Kelly Ann Karlsruher has his work cut out for him...So lets see how big of a stinky pile this one ends up being....

Dori Fenenbock, candidate for Congress who inexplicably doesn't want to be called a candidate, recently launched her campaign website. And its chock full of fun, including some awesome low-key racist remarks!

And lets be honest, who doesn't love low-key racist humor against Latinos in El Paso by rich westside white folk, amirite?

I detailed her voting history in a previous post and it was basically exclusively Republican until the last primary in which she suddenly became a Democrat. Well as I read her website it looks like she's still having a hard time figuring out what our side of the aisle advocates on some issues - including my latest topic - comprehensive immigration reform.

There's a genuine lack of authenticity to the tone of the website. Its very saccharine and has a turn-key fill-in-the-blanks kind of feel to it. When you look at the substance of the policies she discusses, she absolutely sounds more like a Republican than a Democrat in her positions.

But there is something else that makes the website feel inauthentic and contrived...Take note of the yellow highlighted portion. It almost makes you miss the fact that she is talking about prosecuting people who hire the undocumented (I'm sure the small business community and the Chamber of Commerce are just going to LOVE that answer by the way), but it appears that she or someone else left in a parenthetical remark about whether or not it was wise to use that line.

No, seriously. I'm not joking.

Check it out:

I mean talk about someone's authentic views amirite? Don't we all want someone in congress representing us that will figure out where they stand on issues on the fly? Seriously, having a clearly defined set or values or policy positions is soooooo 2016, amirite?

Its the Trump era of make shit up as we go along!

Either she launched her website with her parenthetical notes by accident (revealing she is still trying to figure out exactly what she wants to say), or she really is that inauthentic of a candidate.

She should probably not take campaign advice from Kelly Ann Karlsruher who wants her to sound like a Republican and run as a Democrat.

But for us humble little Latino folk here in the 16th Congressional District of Texas, our favorite part has to be the section in green! Does she think Latinos are so dumb that they wouldn't figure out that you need a ladder that is higher than the wall to scale it?

The Maya were advanced in mathematics, I'm pretty raza can figure out you need a 13 foot ladder to scale a 12 foot wall Mrs. Fenenbock!

But hey, whats humor if its not low-key racist, que no?

This race promises to be lots of fun. I mean who in Washington PACs wouldn't take a Democratic candidate who sounds like a Republican, who has voted Republican more than Democratic, who's spouse is still a Republican, and has pics on her website that include profanity and some weird reference to the annihilation of Jews seriously?


Anonymous said...

It looks like a 10m year old wrote the content on her website. She is either so incompetent she does not realize it or runs such a poor campaign that this is what we can expect.

We deserve better than this.

Anonymous said...

You are really inventing stuff to call her racist. But then, when you have nothing else ...

Anonymous said...

If this woman wins, all its going to do is reinforce that El Paso is owned by a few select families that send their people to do their chores to make money at city hall, and in D.C

This woman, in any other city would be RIDICULED!!! for pretending to be Democrat. She feels entitled to this position because she has MONEY! She has a law degree from shitty school because her alma mater at UT would not even accept her. She is related to all of the people who have vested interests in downtown.

SHE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EL PASO!! If she cared about El Paso, she would have run for Mayor and most likely won the election, but no, shes shooting for D.C and talking to AIPAC because in her mind, she thinks she can climb the political ladder and eventually run for President because shes RICH!

This is disgusting, shes using the 16th Congressional district just like she used EPISD..TO BUILD A NAME FOR HERSELF.

Do not vote for this charlatan.

Anonymous said...

"El Paso-ans"? Maybe because she's from Oklahoma, she doesn't know how to refer to PaseƱos. Seriously, this woman has a role in ensuring the proper education of El Paso children? The spelling and grammatical errors are atrocious. On the other hand, like everything else about her, maybe she just relied on the "help". Maybe she needs new "help." Oh, but nice job trolling Susie and using EPISD children for her political ads. Carpetbagger much?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see there is a picture of her with Susie Byrd the day that the bond was passed on the website? I wonder if that will be taken down anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

There we have it. Great choices ! One that will make a fool out of herself in Washington and the other that did.

Anonymous said...

Anybody is better than Veronica. Anybody!!!

Jerome Tilghman said...

Tilghman - 2018 ... Mrs Fenenbock may be a lot of things, but a Democrat or one who purports to know and represent ideas and issues impacting the border, she is not/does not.

Given the resume of this school district, the number of public officials having done and still doing jail time, we must "be especially mindful of the optics" of our actions in the public domain. Former trustees and other elected officials are still in jail, paying fines and the like for transgressions against the public trust.

Now some might agree that our superintendent wanted, earned and is worthy of the recent salvo of pay increases. He might very well. Should that pay have gone up while we are simultaneously losing students? The POTUS salary is ... I believe ... around $400,000. The Commander-in-Chief presides over 50 states; our board president and super over a district south of 70,000 and shrinking. Was this prudent use of taxpayer money?

Beyond the raise was followed by a de facto endorsement of her intent to run for Congress. Coincidental? Quid-pro-quo? Whether you agree or disagree, it raises suspicion and frankly... looks bad. He is the leader of our district and I support him. However, I do challenge the wit, wisdom, public perception and judgment of the board President. Many others in professional education could put that kind of money to good use. I think it calls her fiduciary judgment into question. Plain and simple, it was a bad move. The evidence cannot be more clear. Flying first class ... away more than at home? "Si te digo que el caballo es negro ... es porque tengo los pelos en mi mano," Tilghman - 2018 ... a change for the better.