Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fenenbock's Feria Part 2

The El Paso Times recently did a story about the amount of Republican contributions Dori Fenenbock has received. I wrote a piece about it and the short of it is that surprise, surprise, the vast majority of the contributions were from Republicans.

As you may recall, I mentioned Fenenbock's spouse being super excited on the Election Night for the bond because it was in November. I mentioned he was giddy about Trump winning and a lot of the people that attended were really annoyed.

Fenenbock has almost no voting history, and she's basically done nothing for this community before she ran for school board, which she is still in the middle of the first term of. But the voting history she does have, as I've mentioned before, is Republican.

And her husband donates a lot of money to Republicans. I've mentioned that before, but let me show you what I mean...

Because its a lot of contributions.

So in terms of federal contributions, the Fenenbocks gave to 13 different Republican political campaigns and one Democratic campaign.

And we aren't talking middle-of-the-road Republicans. We are talking hard core nuts like Ted Cruz, Tom Leppert, Paul Ryan, and Cornyn.

At this point, after seeing Fenenbock's voting record and the campaign donations of her spouse, if you still think she's really a Democrat then there is something wrong with you.

You can't expect voters to trust you if you can't be honest with them about who you are and what your political beliefs are.

Oh wait, you clearly can. After all, we have a President who banked on that.


Jerome Tilghman said...

When I first saw her featured as a Demo rat in both print and broadcast media, my first question (to date unanswered) "Where is the track recorx?" It's almost insulting to presume that this electorate is that gullible.

Proud of my participation and grassroots support for both candidates and causes for the El Paso County Democratic Party. Resume includes ... elected positions:

+ precinct chair
+ Chair County Nominations Cmte. - Ken Sutherland
+ Rules Cmte Chair - State Convention - Ken Sutherland
+ Speaker's bureau first Reyes Campaign
+ Press release/ writer/ public affairs - Queta Fierro
+ Party debate rep / public speaker - Rick Melendrez
+ Drove voters to the polls ... On behalf of Bill Clinton #1; Jose Rodriguez; Jaime Esparza each competing for their first term. - Danny Mena. It was a Hellas rainstorm that night

Jerome Tilghman - best foot soldier credentials all round and 2012 candidate for this seat on the demo ratio ticket

Anonymous said...

Last I checked Dori is running for congress not the spouse. Way to go after family. Pretty low. Are you gonna do a piece on Veronica's spouse? Doubt it.

David Austin said...

For the record, Martin Frost is a Democrat I'm sure he would appreciate the clarification!

David Austin

The Lion Star said...

I caught it after I posted it.

Anonymous said...

The entire Fenenbock-Meyers clan do not care about the public, buying the seat for Doris is just a step in their agenda to further consolidate their power, which includes pretending to be ultra big real estate power players and using EP tax incentives to enrich themselves, and only themselves. Sending Doris to DC furthers this. They are just like Trump in that they are trying to become more powerful so they can have a seat at the table with people who currently richer and more influential than them. Trump wanted a seat at the global elite table, and the Presidents chair was his only ticket there since hes not as rich as the says. Same for Meyers-Fenenbock people.

It is not possible to exclude Doris' family from this because the entire family is complicit. This is the only seat they can win because they know shes not charismatic and smart enough to win elsewhere in Texas with real Republicans, so they just assume everyone will be stupid enough to vote for her here. Lets prove these outsiders wrong!

This is a take over people. This is an actual conspiracy as it happens.

Fenenbock hurts El Paso

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

So she donated to the Reyes Committee?

I guess she was hoping Reyes would have one more term then he would simply hand the seat over to her in return for giving him money.

Read people, this family was planning this move YEARS in advance...she planned to run as a Democrat while still giving money to Republicans.

She has been trying to buy the seat for YEARS!


Anonymous said...

She will easily betray her "true" Republic agenda to be voted as democract. Were to believe shes doing it to represent the people?!

She obviously does not care for either agenda,,,she only cares about herself.

Dori only cares about Dori. Not El Paso or its people.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who her husband donated to. Why do you in El Paso "media" think it's ok to attack a female candidate because of her spouse. How many men do you "media" go after because of what their spouse does. Stop being misogynistic. If you want to focus on her for being republican in democrat clothes then do so because of who she is...not who her husband is. If you want to focus on spouses let's talk about Veronica's husband who used to work as an immigration attorney deporting the people of El PAso. That is quite contrary to ALL of Veronica's positions.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who her husband donated to. Why do you in El Paso "media" think it's ok to attack a female candidate because of her spouse. How many men do you "media" go after because of what their spouse does. Stop being misogynistic. If you want to focus on her for being republican in democrat clothes then do so because of who she is...not who her husband is. If you want to focus on spouses let's talk about Veronica's husband who used to work as an immigration attorney deporting the people of El PAso. That is quite contrary to ALL of Veronica's positions.

Anonymous said...

whoever posted this is a big fucking idiot... this has nothing to do with misogynists. Veronicas husband is not donating thousands upon thousands to the opposite party while his wife is a longtime member of another party

fenenbock Meyers are rancid crooked people with no morals Who believe that money buys everything, including this congressional seat that will just help them get richer

shame on dori

Anonymous said...

it's going to be a real shame when we're not allowed to criticize a bad political candidate for good reasons because eventually somebody's going to falsely claim claim its anti-Semitic and misogynist

The people of EP must not allow this false narrative that these people are going to try to use to prevent anybody from saying the truth about their poor choice of candidate in Dino Dori

Anonymous said...

Any family member that participates in politics is fair game. Veronica's spouse should not be immune. Remember the hospital board members that volunteered that they had lied to the Federal government in order to qualify for funds? Remember the report, that was quickly quashed, about local officials intervening to stop any fines ? Veronica stated that collection of fines would only hurt the "children". Was there a connection with las Cruces ?

As for the donations, wealthy people donate to both parties nothing unusual there. What is an indication of bigotry is the focus on Dori's religion. There's no spinning that disparity. Should we start using religion or a lack of as a litmus test ?

The ORR is proof that facts is going to filtered to stop any fires pertaining to Escobar. That should be one of the main issues. After all didn't all in office campaign on "transparency"?

There are some interesting coincidences that merit looking into about actions by both candidates. Dig and we will see why neither should be candidates.

The Lion Star said...

You are full of shit. I've never mentioned her religion and at the same time, its not going to immunize her from criticism either.

I'm the only one that has been critical of both, so go fuck yourself.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said...

LOL that post is from somebody who writes like an blood sucking lawyer.

its probably Dori herself already spreading fake narratives.

manny corral said...

I appreciate your posts Jaime, just wish your anonymous commentators had balls to post who they are instead of hiding behind the anonymous moniker. Have the decency and balls for all to know who you are if you criticize or agree, like Jaime says if you post it have huevos and own it! Manny

The Lion Star said...

Orale. Well said Manny.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. There is a clear reason most online platforms have moved away from anonymous posting and require social media login, to prevent the sort of trolling that occurs here. Would love to see this blog move to the same. I understand it might be unpleasant at first but ultimately would be a much better platform for communication and insight.

The Lion Star said...

My blog is typically one people visit but don't really comment on, but for whatever reason the Fenenbock - Escobar race has a lot of people wanting to comment.

I don't see anything that is out of bounds with any of the comments on this particular post.

I've already said that if I see anything anti-semitic I will not publish it. That being said, saying someone is Jewish, who is in fact Jewish, isn't anti-semitic. As long as its not offensive, I'll post it because everyone should be heard, even if you don't like what they say.

And going forward, anything anti-Latino will not be posted either.

Its up to the individual commenter to have the balls to put their name by what they say the way I do. That being said, you didn't post your name either, so there's that.

Anonymous said...

The fenenbock people are already out trying to censor any bad comments towards their horrible candidate

Anonymous said...

Well, I never stated that you said. anything about religion. I was responding to the comment before mine.
However, based on your response it must have struck a nerve.

I know this is your blog. Is that any way to response ? Especially when the comment was not about you.

I could reply in kind or get really nasty but that would distract from the topic and place me on a vulgar level. If you don't want people to express comments freely or want only that agree with you, just say so.

I await your response. If it's vulgar again or anger, no problem I will stop visiting your blog. You probably don't care one way or another. But it does creditability to statements that you want only those that agree with you.

Good luck either way

Anonymous said...

Its going to be interesting for Fenenbock to explain how she as a "Democrat" and a follower of the national Democratic agenda, will support immigrants entering the US and oppose Trumps wall, while at the same time, supporting a huge wall that contributes to the apartheid, discrimination, murder, and violation of human rights for Palestinians.

Since she already went to Aipac (a pro-Israel/ Zionist) organization for support, its obvious that she will adopt their ideas, which many, including people at the United Nations consider to be hateful, regressive, and prevent peace.

How can you support a wall in one place and not support it in another place?. As a voting member of Congress, she's going to have to represent El Paso's public sentiment in these votes and I'm willing to bet that the people of El Paso do not support walls, discrimination, hate, and muder anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Just got a good laugh. The Juanita of Arc just stated. that jail is good for people slipping into the country ?!! At the same while always crowing about that uninvited folks are not just Mexicans and it was racial to even infer it was Mexicans was racial. Strange she focused on the jailed folks as being at a place where the Mexican consulate and Mexican families can find their loved ones. So is she a racist against Mexicans or she doesn't give a shite about the nonMexicans?

Thank goodness she has two lips so she can double talk. People if you can't see thru the bs now you never will. Not that dorky is any better. That one likes the high costs travel and accommodations. I'm sure she will at least rival Michelle's taste for the good life.