Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fenenbock's Fix

I love high stakes elections because every appears to completely lose their shit during campaigns. So here is what you are going to see people say over the next few months:

1. Despite the fact that I have been the only person critical of Escobar on a policy matter (which I am about to get even more critical of her about because I am almost done with my "deep dive" on the issue) - everyone else is just critical of her for stupid personal shit - I will still be told that I'm favoring Escobar in the congressional race.

2. At some point, someone is going to say I'm critical of Fenenbock because she's Jewish. They will have nothing to actually base this on of course, but trust me, at some point someone is going to say that. The reality is I'm critical of her because I don't think she is qualified for the position, I think she has a lot of questions to answer, I think she's not really a Democrat, and I resent the fact that she's trying to buy herself a seat. I don't give a shit who or what she does or does not worship.

3. Conspiracy theories. Lots and lots of conspiracy theories. It'll happen and they will likely be the stuff of legend.

Okay, back to the original point of this post since I got distracted with social media.
Remember all you people that were pissed about what I wrote last night about the Fenenbock Flop (I know, it sounds like its the newest line dance sweeping the quinceƱera scene in Canutillo)? Y'all got so pissed that I was grasping at straws and that there was nothing wrong with her website, I just didn't know how to read?

Lol, okay.

Well looks like her website got a new look since I wrote about it last night.

Here's a screenshot (there's always a screenshot, right?):

Gone is the (are we sure we want to say this?) line.

Gone is the weird picture that had  'Fuck Trump' and annihilation of Jews sign.

Gone is the pic of the kids from Burges.

Gone is the 11 foot ladder. It was replaced by a 13 foot ladder.

Although I will say she did ad an American flag, an obligatory picture of a brown kid, and she still totes trolls Susie Byrd by including her in pictures on her website. I'm sure the Kelly Ann Karlsruher is texting her frantically to tell her to remove Byrd because he's still sore his buddy Jim got his ass handed to him in the last council election.


Tim Collins said...

The only qualifications for the office are spelled out in The Constitution

Anonymous said...

This woman is not representative of El Paso, is not bilingual, is not hispanic.
She is not a real Democract, has a voting record of voting RED only.

As a person, she looks like she has so much botox that it is painful for her to smile, someone so stiff cannot be El Paso's ambassador to D.C

She is part of actual, real, conspiracies to consolidate power around downtown real estate.

She has no elected office experience outside of a school board term that she did not finish, and that she had no intention of finishing, only using to get known and published by the fake-news ELPASOINC.

This represents everything that is wrong with El Paso politics.

Jud Burgess said...

Your screenshot of her “revised” text reveals that there is still a typo they didn’t catch.

Typo aside, it still reads clunky, juvenile, unprofessional and maybe a handful of IQ points above what Trump might write.

“People will come at us with 13-foot ladders” sounds ominous like it might be referring to Margo’s riffraff or Trump’s rapists and drug dealers.

Pathetic and lazy writing to represent someone running for high office.

Anonymous said...

Yup. The "help" missed the typo. (along "out" border?). Lol. And she's the educated white lady approving curriculum for brown kids? Speaking of brown kids, yet another example of her continued unethical behavior (no, not talking about her trolling Susie Byrd): how is it permissible for her to use pictures of EPISD student photos for her non- school board political ads? When parents give EPISD permission for their kids to be photographed they authorize the district to use them for district news, not for anyone to use them for some other self-dealing purposes like unrelated political ads. Wonder what parents think of her using their kids that way without their knowledge or permission? Actually, what would the TEA think of this and her apparent inability to act ethically (and her superintendent) too?

Anonymous said...

What a stupid thing to state, now the qualifications to represent El Paso one must be Hispanic, bilingual ? Well, white folks, blacks, yellow shade and non Hispanics hang it up you can't campaign for office. That means all white folks, nonhispanics and people not bilingual should be removed from office immediately !

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Another Jew in El Paso trying to run for office where 80% of the Population is Hispanic. Same old same old. The West Side Jews always got what they wanted, at the expense of the Brown People (La Gente).

What else is new?

Anonymous said...

This is starting to become racist and antisemitic. This should be a question of who is the most qualified not about where a person attends religious services if at all.

Another stupid comment, it's no wonder as to why El Paso is unable to progress. We have people trapped in the 1940's.

Anonymous said...

A representative should REPRESENT their people..

If this community is overwhelmingly hispanic and bilingual, then the REPRESENTATIVE should reflect that largely. Dont play stupid, even Beto speaks spanish, and the N. East rep (where there are more AA, and veterans) has had an AA VET voted in for the last 3 races.

Anonymous said...

The op meant exactly what you mention...that it should be qualifications, not race or class that decides the race....but because Dori is a rich jew, and some of the rich families (including her own) are also rich jews, they will support her for that reason alone.

so who are the prejudiced??

Anonymous said...

Does it get any worse?

Perhaps one should take time to research how many elected officials are of the same race or ethic group as the voters. I suspect we will find that in many instances there will be no correlation. Take California for example, it's a very liberal and largely Hispanic state so why are there nonHispanics representing the state at all levels ? It's the people voting aka VOTERS !

No wonder El Paso is viewed as twenty or more years lagging. Or more attendance at AA meetings are required ?

The Lion Star said...

My point about her lack of qualifications isn't because she's a patronizing rich white lady. It's because having less than one term as a school board trustee isn't experience. She's trying to purchase a congressional seat. That's what I take issue with.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I get your point. But, I am surprised that you would throw race into the discussion. Throwing race in the discussion is beneath you.

Now to the other, rich Jews vote only for rich Jews? That is even more stupidity and racist. So I suppose poor Christians people vote only for poor Christians? And how do the other religious sects vote ?

We are in trouble when people state stupid comments and then explain them with even more stupid comments. I am beginning to understand why there is so much confusion and drone voting. The people really have no idea of what qualifications, experience, issues a candidate should bring to the table.

Anonymous said...

your post is completely inaccurate ...obviously the Hispanic population here does not vote according to race if not Beto oRourke would not be our representative in Washington DC
what you don't understand in regards to dori is that the only reason she is being considered is cause shes a member of the El Paso elite class and not because of what she has done for the community

The only thing she's done for the community is leave it half $1 billion in debt and cause the superintendent of the El Paso independent school district to collude with her political campaign ... instead of actually doing his job ...those are not qualifications for a congressional run

this really is all about race, class, and to a certain degree faith.....again the only reason the money is supporting her is because of her being one of them, not because she actually deserves it and that's the way it is. people can accept it or not, but there's no other way around it. Veronica doesn't have the best record either but since it's just between the two of them these things must be said
there are so many more people that are capable of doing a great job in DC but the money chose her...thus precluding any other qualified person from running since they will not have money behind them... Jaime is right they are buying the seat for her.

Anonymous said...

Nobody outside of El Paso knows or gives a shit about Meyers Group..they came to El Paso and tricked everyone and city hall into thinking they were going to invest and imrpove the city..all by parading that drug addict (who got fired for having emotional/drug issues) Josh Meyers on the covers of magazines...
This family came..borrowed millions in the form of tax breaks and incentives..and have done nothing...the westside tower is now going to be condos that sell for 1 million each (out of touch with El Paso) the Camino Real has not started..they probably bought properties to claim forward losses and avoid taxes on the stuff that produces in Florida
This family is USING EL PASO!!!!! Dory is using the people to become the next DINO at the national stage. This is a conspiracy in the making. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! we are sheep, dont be sheeple that is seduced with the idea that EP will become Pheonix or Dallas etc if we give these people money and power. Once they get what they want from us..they will leave!!

This family is fake, Dori is Fake.

Anonymous said...

yes what you just described is true Dori is using El Paso she is a parasite!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are missing the point. Faith and skin color and ethnicity is irrelevant. Fenenbock is a social climber who uses marriage, organizations, religion and people to serve herself and her immediate family in their climb up the social ladder. What has she done for ElPaso or even EPISD to make it better other than use the district (its taxpayers and more despicable, our children) to serve herself even if it means leaving it in buried in debt and our children stripped of quality public education and our teachers scrambling to make ends meet . She cares so little about her constituents who voted against her huge vanity bond. And she and her board minions including the puppets that are too stupid to question her and Cabrera's lack of ethics have thrown away taxpayer money to give her campaign cheerleader and promotional lapdog, Cabrera, a raise and to push for new multimillion dollar district offices downtown in order to promote her in laws property and court wealthy downtown developers to donate to her campaign. But then the districts departments all have to cut their budgets to give teachers a shameful raise? What kind of fiscal management is that? And what about her promises of being concerned about the children and earning back our trust? It was a ploy. They are of no importance to her anymore as she's tossing that all to pursue D.C. power ambitions. Like Sarah Palin she's a half-term, half-wit, cheap politician. This is about Dori and not El Paso. like most Republicans, it's about herself and her rich donor country club friends. Just read her stupid overused Repugnant talking points. She has zero original platform policies of her own. She does not care about you or me. She's as vapid as helium. As for Escobar, she's not perfect, but she's a true El Pasoan who chose to return here and worked hard for her vision of a better community. We can disagree and dislike her vision, but no one can say she doesn't work hard and hasn't committed her work and career to this city. Most of all, she is a true Democrat. She's fought for immigrant rights and equality even putting her political career on the line. She has a record that she defends and stands by. Forget the personality bullshit. Fenenbock is a fraud period!

You did not heard it from me, okay? said...

I heard "somewhere" that her Campaign Manager is Christian Archer, same campaign manager for the Castro Brothers (The San Antonio ones). I strongly dislike her, but I'm pretty sure she is going to lose by very very small margins. So make sure to vote.

- $$$