Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fenenbock's GOP Feria

Dori Fenenbock raised a ton of money.

Seriously, its a lot of money she raised and she raised it really early. Its so much money, I'd say she's the front-runner at this point. That amount of money puts a lot of pressure on County Judge Veronica Escobar and her super-secret bid to replace Congressman O'Rourke.


Well when an opponent raises that kind of feria so early, its gonna mean that Escobar is going to have to hit the ground running. She was never going to wait until the filing deadline anyway, but now I'd expect her to resign her seat as County Judge to start campaigning in full force for congress.

It also puts a lot of pressure on Escobar to make a decision about PAC money. Beto doesn't take it, but I don't know that Escobar has the ability to raise that kind of scratch to keep up with Fenenbock.

So in that sense, its a big deal.

There are some other interesting things, some of which are going to be problematic for Fenenbock, that are in her report.

First, David Karlsruher - who can't stop talking shit about Susie Byrd, Escobar, the non-existent Shapleigh campers, and Yours Truly - is completely on the take and you should remember that.

And interesting thing from the analysis done by the El Paso Times, which you can find by clicking here, was the revelation that the Karlsruher family are major donors to Dori Fenenbock.

Almost maxed out, not quite yet, but they likely will be at some point soon. So while he's busy acting benevolent and holier-than-thou, just know that he's a massive fucking hypocrite.

Now it makes sense why he's obsessed with Susie Byrd. Expect him to be completely in Dori's pocket from now until the primary is decided.

The Times' analysis indicates that a whopping 47% of her campaign donations come from Republicans. That is far more than any other source.

Only 17% of her contributions come from donors that are bonafide Democrats.

Fenenbock has been accused of being a Republican in Democratic clothing and of trying to buy a congressional seat.

Well that is the reason why. Republicans don't drop the type of money they have dropped on her because they legitimately think she's a Democrat. There's a reason they feel comfortable making it rain like that on her campaign.

This is going to be a major problem for her because Fenenbock may actually get Escobar's haters in the Party to get in the game and support the Democrat. Even Dee Margo made his rounds with the local Democratic Party groups, so its unlikely that Fenenbock will be able to avoid attending those events.

Which means she is going to be confronted about all that Republican money. There's no way of ducking it.

And frankly, based on her social media advertisement, I baffled why they would be framing her as someone who can reach across the aisle. Democrats don't want that. That's a general election message and a shitty one. You'd think with the fancy consultant she got from the Castro brothers that they would have a more Democratic-centric message.

She's picking the wrong election to sound bi-partisan. The advantage of running this cycle is that its a gubernatorial cycle and Republicans turn out big in those elections. But Democrats are going to be motivated especially with Trump in the White House. It is a terrible strategy to sound like a Republican in this cycle.

But hey, money buys a lot. She's gonna have all the bottom-feeders on her payroll.


Anonymous said...

I agree Dori has a bunch of Republican money, but let’s be honest; every candidate in El Paso that receives big money gets it from Republicans. Beto has a ton of Republican money and much of his El Paso money is from the same donors as Dori. Not surprised the Times ran a glowing article about Beto’s fundraising, but a bit of a slam piece on Dori. I don’t think the Judge needs to worry yet, but if a third candidate can run in the primary and get 10-15% of the vote and force a run-off between Dori and the Judge, then the Judge could be in trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a well-liked, but political novice enter the race just to force the run off. If I was Dori’s handlers that’s what I would do.

Liked your piece on the transgender women still locked up. Your point that the Judge only raises hell to grandstand is right on target. If she was such a crusader for this individual she would be making speeches and organizing protest. Disappointed in her tenure. I thought she was a good commissioner, but her run as a judge has been very poor.

Anonymous said...

Fenenbock is a social climber who uses marriage, organizations, religion and people to serve herself and her immediate family in their climb up the social ladder. What has she done for ElPaso or even EPISD to make it better other than use the district (its taxpayers and more despicable, our children) to serve herself even if it means leaving it in buried in debt and our children stripped of quality public education and our teachers scrambling to make ends meet . She cares so little about her constituents who voted against her huge vanity bond. And she and her board minions including the puppets that are too stupid to question her and Cabrera's lack of ethics have thrown away taxpayer money to give her campaign cheerleader and promotional lapdog, Cabrera, a raise and to push for new multimillion dollar district offices downtown in order to promote her in laws property and court wealthy downtown developers to donate to her campaign. But then the districts departments all have to cut their budgets to give teachers a shameful raise? What kind of fiscal management is that? And what about her promises of being concerned about the children and earning back our trust? It was a ploy. They are of no importance to her anymore as she's tossing that all to pursue D.C. power ambitions. Like Sarah Palin she's a half-term, half-wit, cheap politician. This is about Dori and not El Paso. like most Republicans, it's about herself and her rich donor country club friends. Just read her stupid overused Repugnant talking points. She has zero original platform policies of her own. She does not care about you or me. She's as vapid as helium. As for Escobar, she's not perfect, but she's a true El Pasoan who chose to return here and worked hard for her vision of a better community. We can disagree and dislike her vision, but no one can say she doesn't work hard and hasn't committed her work and career to this city. Most of all, she is a true Democrat. She's fought for immigrant rights and equality even putting her political career on the line. She has a record that she defends and stands by. Forget the personality bullshit. Fenenbock is a fraud period!

Anonymous said...

There is not ONE SINGLE HISPANIC/LATINO on that list....

The majority are white, jewish, or relatives from out of town that dont really care about EP.

This is politics at its worst.

El Paso deserves better than wolves in sheeps clothing.


Anonymous said...

Escobar is going to have plenty of her share of West side money. There will be people such as Francis, Foster and some of the Hunt's that while perhaps not giving directly to Escobar will be sure to get $40-50k a piece to the campaign in some fashion. The Gaddy's with the family fighting background I am sure will max at least 10-12 people out and do a lot of fundraising. Do not count Escobar's fundraising ability out yet, there are plenty of people in El Paso that are smarter than this and will give money for Escobar/against Fenenbock.

Anonymous said...

If the Never Fenenbock person actually wants people to vote against her, then they should shut up with the anti-Semitism. That doesn't bring people to your cause.

The Lion Star said...

Stating that someone is Jewish isn't anti-Semetic, any more than saying I'm Chicano.

That being said, anything I judge to be anti-Semitic will be deleted.

Anonymous said...


What are the people that are donating/ supporting Fenenbock expecting from getting her elected?

Whats the end game for them....

For her, its to use the seat to get well known and run for higher office and use he families money to get higher.

but for these EP people??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 1/2 are Republicans and 1/4 are unknown or not big voters (just like her, except when she was republican before she woke up loving brown children and then liberals ), but 1/2 of her donors are also family members and friends who each gave the max. A few others are wealthy members of her congregation and there's the usual anti-brown right wing whites like the KKKarlsruhers. It's like the Trump voters in EP found their own candidate to "Make (El Paso) Great again." Lol. #MEPGA #VoteDoriTrump. Expect these trumpets to start a superpac to bid higher for their seat.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, my comments will be posted this time. The last ones. on another topic were not. I suppose it's ok to post strong comments as to

why. Dori should not be elected but not Escoba. Not that I would support Dori either .

It's common practice to solicit money for a campaign to go to family first, then friends then others. So if they happen to have big money, so what. While I don't agree it's buying a seat, it's name of the game. Raise as much as. possible.

Here's the chicken or the egg. Did Escoba return to EP because her spouse is a government lawyer in Las Cruces or did he take the job to keep the family together ? Now she works hard and is committed ? Her failed decisions are an indication that she should try working smarter. She put her career on the line ? Or is it her repetitive bad decisions that placed her on the "danger" list ? She is true a El Pasoan? I agree she is bad as the rest of the El Paso politicians. Self serving ? Read her position on the county jail and the immigration issue. We know about about the rest. Yep, she will song and dance to "get higher".

Dori is no better so once again we will be faced with the lesser of two evils.

The Lion Star said...

If your comments were anti-Semitic then they weren't posted. If that's not the case, you just didn't do it properly. Also, it's Escobar, not Escoba. But you know that, you were just doing it on purpose to be cute.

Anonymous said...

David K doesn't know what he is talking about.

Want to know the truth

Go to: https://elpasoisdtx.swagit.com/play/05162017-1279 and watch items 9c and 9d

then go to https://elpasoisdtx.swagit.com/play/06212017-889 and watch items 12 and 13, election of officers

The Lion Star said...

He knows. He's just on the take. He is in Fenenbock's pocket.

Anonymous said...

He's not the only one in Dori's pocket. That rescheduling of meetings to accommodate her chosen pick to be board president (a Dori yes man) and keep Susie out of critical discussions is the perfect and vivid example of how this woman uses people and her position to get her way. If you think a change in the board officers will bring a new change think again. She's still running the strings and no surprise, she iced the only Hispanic on that board (of a district where the vast majority of students are Latino by the way) and saw to it that white westsiders (and Republican conservatives) rule. Do you honestly think she's going to represent the interests of the average El Pasoans?