Monday, July 10, 2017

Questionable Campaign Activity by Former Socorro Judge?

Elia Garcia - Mayoral Candidate & Former Municipal Judge
I don't know how many times I'm going to write the words "only in Socorro" before you get tired of reading about it or before the people of Socorro get sick of it happening, but here we go again.

Mayoral candidate Elia Garcia, who was previously the municipal judge of Socorro until she asked for an amount of money that was more than double her salary, along with close political ally Ralph Duran, appear to have some questionable campaign activity.

At issue is the placement of construction zone signs and barriers in the Socorro area that advertise their campaigns.

At the very least, these signs don't have the legally-required disclaimer.

But more importantly it gives the impression that its a sign related to a construction project on a public road. Any reasonable person would assume that its a public project, especially given that its on a major road - so clearly the intent is for high visibility.

Anyone driving through Socorro knows that there is MAJOR construction projects happening on almost all of its major roads due to unprecedented investment in infrastructure, so there is no shortage of construction barricades and signs.

The signs are all strategically located on roads with major construction projects either currently happening or recently completed.

Their placement along side the roads also appears to be an issue.

You'd think an attorney - Ms. Garcia is a lawyer - would've checked out the legal issues first.

These signs give the impression that its a public entity, either the City of Socorro or TxDOT, is endorsing the candidates.

Regardless of the actual legal issues, its misleading the voters intentionally.

Its unethical.

But in Socorro, that sorta thing is common place, like the time the city was putting in driveways to only the constituents who voted regularly.

This is why the people of Socorro are so cynical of their leadership.

One last thing, it'll be interesting to see what construction company owns the equipment and if they do business with the City of Socorro. That might also be another hornets nest of legal and ethical issues, especially if they are a company that does business with the city, using their resources to endorse a mayoral and city council candidate.

Once again, "ONLY IN SOCORRO".

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