Monday, July 17, 2017

Revenge of the Rainbow

Saturday was a big come-from-behind win for City Rep-Elect Cissy Lizarraga in the District 8 race. Robert Cormell was poised to win coming out of the general election and heading into the run-off.

The win is a win for the gay community as much as it is for Lizarraga - not because she ever really positioned herself as an advocate or anything - but because of what Robert Cormell promised he'd try to do, repeal domestic partner benefits.

Cormell was anti-gay and holds some extremist positions. He thinks its a mental illness. He thinks you can cure the gay. He thinks it undermines marriage.

Which is why the win is so notable and it mobilized the gay community and allies.

But there's one more thing that made the win notable.

The best thing Cissy Lizarraga could've done is fire her previous field team and upgrade to Mike Apodaca.

Apodaca devised and implemented an effective field program and GOTV op.  Why is that a big deal?

Because Michael Apodaca is gay. There's a healthy dose of poetic justice that it was a gay man that engineered the defeat of an anti-gay candidate. Apodaca actually puts it best in this Facebook post last night.

There were other people who helped on the campaign that played important roles, and Norma Chavez handled mail.

But make no mistake about this, a tight race in which Lizarraga was behind in early voting but overcame and pulled ahead over the night, was indicative of a field win. Field is what brings you from behind to the front, not mail - and the two people most deserving of credit for this win are Lizarraga for making the call to bring in Mike, and Mike for pulling it off.

So as you know, sprinkles are for winners. Michael Apodaca is not only Homeboy of the Week, but he gets all the sprinkles.

Bright rainbow sparkly sprinkles.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you drink the cool aid and pass it around for others. Someone can be against domestic partners benefits and not hate gays. Someone can favor two parent homes and not hate single mothers. You post lots of intelligent insights but this one is lame brained. At least you didn’t say Cormel should have lost because he is Anglo because that might highlight some of your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that believing that two parents of opposite sex is the optimal method of raising children were extremest views.

El Paso has been hijacked by the fascist left.. in power, popular, and totalitarian. If you dont agree, you dont belong.

DLR said...

Anon 1 - So is that kinda like being against miscegenation but still being down with the bros? You can't advocate for discriminate without hate. No one is forcing you to gay-marry or put a partner on your benefits package, so why should you or Cormell care when City employees are paying to add someone else. DP is sort of a moot point now since the Supremes have already ruled on Marriage Equality. Jaime is right for going kudos to the Mo Mob, they worked hard to not let a bigot get elected and pulled it off. Maybe next time Cormell will rethink his message (after losing twice), maybe the third time he will try a different tactic.

Anon 2- You are right, raising kids by heterosexuals isn't extremist ... but thinking that two loving adults (regardless of their gender) can't do the same is certain close-minded. Surely we agree two parents are better than one (although El Paso has plenty of single parent homes, with deadbeat parents who fail to perform their parental duties), and two parents (regardless of the composition) is awesome. It helps both parents, they share in the efforts, and PLENTY of studies (all by accredited entities) have shown same-sex parents are just as good as heterosexual parents! El Paso isn't hijacked by the left, you just haven't joined us in the 21st Century, come on over ... the water is great!

Augustus Snodgrass said...

I have known Cissy since the Holly's ( the band) was playing "Cecilia" on KELP and KINT on the radio. She is an Honorable and devout Catholic Christian, who ran for this office out of concern where El Paso was headed. Certainly not to be run by False Prophetswho worship the Golden Calf. She ran on a platform of inclusivity. Not Hate which her opponent embraced. She will bring a practical, Positive approach to city council.

There is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. As Marvin Gaye sang and wrote, Only Love Can Conquer Hate.