Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Socorro City Elections - Still Loco

Up for Reelection in November
Soco is still loco.

Ivy Avalos won the mayoral campaign last night and will be the new mayor of Socorro. She was pushed really hard by City Rep Yvonne Colon-Villalobos, Maria Garcia, and former Socorro City Manager looking for her job back, Lorenza Frairie.

Here is what is interesting about that.

Avalos is actually a subordinate to Yvonne Colon-Villalobos in their regular workplace. Yes you read that correctly. Mayor Avalos is a subordinate of Yvonne Colon-Villa lobos at work.

So now you have this strange situation in Socorro where the mayor is literally beholden to her boss, who actually sits on council.

Let's see how many conflicts of interest this little "Only in Socorro" scenario makes.

Imagine if a few years ago Oscar Leeser ran for city council instead of mayor and won a seat. Now imagine one of his employees ran for mayor and won. You don't think there would be some major problems with that?

Avalos was pushed by Lorenza Fraire, Maria Reyes and Colon-Villalobos for the office. The office was vacated by a push from Representative Maria Reyes to remove her from office as part of a long-time obsession Reyes has had with paybacks to Gloria Rodriguez.

Without any explanation of allegations leveled against Rodriguez, she was railroaded out of the mayoral position which led to the vacancy.

Colon-Villalobos and Reyes are engaged in an effort to secure a majority on council and many in Socorro believe it is to secure the position of city manager for Lorenza Fraire.

There has been allegations from community members that the trio have said they want to get rid of the current city manager and the city attorney in favor of their cronies.

Which is why it would make sense that they would get someone to run for mayor who ultimately has to answer to Colon-Villalobos.

One problem with their little scheme. The mayor of Socorro is even weaker than the mayor of any other town in the county. They only vote in the case of a tie, but there are 5 members of council so that is rare, and they have no veto power.

The next election coming is in November. Maria Reyes will be fighting for her political career because she will be the only seat up on council and they need to ensure her reelection to ensure the status quo.

The trio were trying to secure a majority on council but former Mayor Jesus Ruiz won the District 2 seat and is now a voting member of city council, which prevents the trio from having their majority.


Anonymous said...

Any word on if this Council will be able to advocate for the Socorro flood victims?

Anonymous said...

There will be 3 seats up for election in November. Places 1-2-3 Please check your facts before you put them on your blog. And there will be a runoff per state law.

The Lion Star said...

I checked with the city on this and they are still trying to figure out the details of whether or not there will be a run-off. That was as of yesterday.