Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cabrera's Payback

Well, like I said a long time ago...Cabrera's little trip to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee shin dig had no educational purpose an the tax payers of EPISD shouldn't have had to pay the bill.

Remember how David KKK was swearing up and down that it was anti-Semitic to even suggest that it wasn't related to education? Remember the shovels full of bullshit he was staking to defend that one?

Yet again David Karlsruher looks like an idiot. But lets be real, we are all pretty used to that.

I can tell you that he will come up with some Trumpian nonsensical theory of why the auditor said it was inappropriate and that he had to pay it back. I don't know what exactly that will sound like, but I assure you it will include me, Bob Moore from the Times, Susie Byrd, and the chupacabra.

So can we now stop pretending that Cabrera isn't campaigning for Fenenbock since they both went to this non-education related shin dig?

Oh yeah, speaking of Fenenbock...

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Anonymous said...

I just finished getting my 3 minutes addressing Mayor Margo and the city council on this very subject.

I’ll be sharing this far and wide.

Jud Burgess

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jud, I posted your comment but I removed the link. My blog isn't for advertising your content. Do that on your own.