Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fenebock Files: The Socorro Edition

What could be more fun than a Republican running as a fake Democrat for congress visiting a disaster site?

That's easy, the same thing that makes anything more fun...make it happen in Socorro!

Ah yes, our favorite faker took a little trip (probably her first) out to Soco-loco to go survey the flood damage.

Obviously this is political grandstanding at its finest/worst. If you would've included a press conference with the visit, I would've thought it was coming from Escobar.

But any who, Fenenbock went out to visit the county's second-largest municipality and took a tour. The picture below is probably Interim Mayor Rene Rodriguez explaining to her that Socorro isn't actually in the 16th Congressional District.

But I doubt Fenenbock is going to let a little thing like a disaster that didn't happen in the congressional district she's running for get in the way of a good ol' fashioned photo-op amirite?

However, Fenenbock's trip to Soco-loco, despite being the fakest thing I've seen this side of Pamela Anderson's boob job, does underscore something pretty interesting. If you read the complete text of Fenebocks sponsored post (yes, because it wasn't douchey enough to go, she needed to make the fake photo-op a sponsored ad) she gives County Judge Veronica Escobar a little chinga quedito.

Fenenbock says, "I am deeply committed to jobs and growth, but we must manage our growth by bringing together communities, in both incorporated and unincorporated areas, to understand everyone's needs and protect everyone's interests.
All of our communities and residents matter. Everyone deserves a safe neighborhood."
Obviously that is a shot at the County Judge who in fact does represent the citizens in the City of Socorro.  One Socorro city leader said they haven't seen the judge at all during the flooding. Or the flooding before that, or the one before that. The Socorro city staff and electeds tell me that her staff has been there but the Socorro city leader said they hadn't seen the actual judge in Socorro in at least four years except one time at a wedding reception last year. 

In fairness to the judge, the commissioners of a given area typically take the lead on these types of issues (unless it involves a press conference) because they and their staff have a better grasp of the area and the problems, but still - she's the County Judge, she should show up every once in a while. At least she didn't pull a Mayor Cook and say "I'm not your plumber". 

Going back to the Fenenbock Photo-Op, you'd think with all the money she has that she'd pay someone to mind her social media. Does she not know the subliminal message that is being sent when a candidate is sponsoring a social media ad to pain them in a good light that actually features a sign that says "Dead End"?

I swear, this campaign is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Mira lady, esta es el área donde estás tratando de ser congresista y esta es donde esta Socorro.  Entiendes?


Anonymous said...

At least she acts like she cares, Residents have consistently complained that Vince has been MIA for a while.

The Lion Star said...

You must not live there. He's been there nearly every single day. Not just the regular elected official bullshit either. Filling sandbags and other shit too.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the other candidates?

Anonymous said...

Never mind the previous comment I just read the rest of the blog regarding what you think of the other candidates for congress :D

The Lion Star said...

I wrote about it the other day. The short of it is that this is gonna be a race between Escobar and Fenenbock. No one else is viable.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the list of where the "donations" for Dory came from??? it's ridiculous.. only 69 families with HUGE quantities of money donated. So is 69 families considered enough of a voice to represent our city??? I THINK NOT! This is such a HUGE smoke screen to blind the voters of the truth behind her contributions. Aside from her fake bot Facebook likes.