Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fenenbock Follies

County Judge Veronica Escobar got the support of a big Latino PAC the other day, which is a big deal if for no other reason that star power.

I mean come on, Eva Longoria is part of the PAC. Pretty much ever Latino heavy-hitter is in the PAC and they are, from what I hear, going to go all in for the County Judge's congressional bid.

Apparently all-in at this point means a social media campaign. From what I can tell the PAC has only raised a couple of million in hits history, so I'm not sure how much of a threat the PAC ultimately will be.

The premise that they are trying to draft the Judge to run in silly, she's basically been a candidate right about the time she found out Beto was running for senate.

But the PAC made its move to endorse and push Escobar shortly after Fenenbock made a round of visits to DC last Monday.

And guess who she was in DC with for the visits?

No, not Cabrera this time, or at least that I know of.

But none other than former Congressman Silvestre Reyes.

Yes thats true, look it up.

Escobar has Eva Longoria, one of the Castro's and Cesar Blanco. Dori has a has been congressman who still isn't over the fact that he got trounced out of office.

Oh, and guess what is so interesting about her trip to DC with ol' Silver?

She missed a school board meeting to attend!

Y'all remember all this shit David K was talking about Susie Byrd missing a school board meeting in June because she was in DC with Escobar? Well turns out the board had rescheduled the June meeting, Byrd put out her travel schedule and Fenenbock scheduled the board meeting for a day she knew Byrd would be out of town.

Fenenbock just flat out ditched the school board meeting so she can be in DC with ol' Silver.

I'll bet David K doesn't say a word about it either. He shat the bed when Byrd missed a meeting and even alleged a crime had occurred. But when its the candidate mommy and daddy maxed out on, he ain't gonna say shit.

Talk all the crap you want about me, but at least I'm the only blogger out there that is critical of both on policy.

Also, going back to my post about the County's policy, David K alleges that Escobar's camp has made "hundreds" of request from EPISD and that it hasn't been a story. "Hundreds" was the word he used.

How much you wanna bet that David K made that all up and that it hasn't even been close to hundreds?

Anywho, its interesting how quickly this race has taken a racial undertone. The minute I wrote anything negative about Fenenbock I got called an antisemite.

I didn't say a damn thing negative about her faith or heritage but the mere mention of her in a negative like got her camp in a frenzy and since they didn't have anything else to say, they went with antisemite.

Which is weird because remember when Jud Burgess was against the bond and he came out with fake money and had her face on them and called them Fenenbucks? Who called him out on that?

Me. How quickly you trolls forget...

This race is going to get more and more racial as the days go by.


Anonymous said...

Fenenbock's camp will race bait and gender stereotype on purpose.

You cant ask hard questions to Dori because its anti-semitic.
You cant ask hard questions because its racist since whites are minorities here
You cant ask hard questions because its misogynistic.
You cant hold it against her that she happens to be rich (donated $50 K to herself) and that her family is conspiring to get more power through her.

You cant hold it against her that she used the school board and didnt finish her term because shes can do more for the community .

They are going to say that a Latino pac supporting a latina is RACIST!
They are going to say the judge has bad experience, when Dori has no experience!
They are going to say she cares about the people, THE PEOPLE DONT KNOW HER!
They are going to say shes good for business, SHE ONLY CARES ABOUT HER OWN FAMILY MONEY
They are going to say the judge covered ORR, shes just mad she got called out using EPISD!

They are going to say shes a Democract, WHICH IS THE BIGGEST LIE!

Anonymous said...

From the Facebook comments on the El Paso Times article it's clear local Trump supportors love Dori. You can't hide your party values to attempt to sway voters we aren't as dumb as you take us for!

Tim Collins said...

Kind of harsh on the formet Congressman. I srem to recall you being a vocal supporter before he got primatied by Beto

The Lion Star said...

A candidate never changed your mind Tim?

His conduct in that campaign, along with all the shit his supporters were doing, then his comment on gay marriage, flipped me.

Plus, ya know, he took a campaign contribution from Bob Jones' 2 year old. So there's that.

Anonymous said...

Of course she rescheduled the meeting. She wanted her Westside ally to take her spot and elbow Susie and Al out of the way. That way she can still manipulate the board to serve her political ambitions. If you go back to the video, you'll see how they accommodated her Westside pal Hatch's travel schedule but not Susie. Coincidence much that he took over the presidency?. Sorry, but Dori, the so-called "fresh face" and "political newcomer" is proving to be a master of dirty politics. Typical Trump Republican I would say. And yes, Vero has certainly met her match. But in the end voters should ask themselves: 1) who has the proven experience and record of solid public policy achievements for this community (even despite some failings) vs a professional PTA volunteer who buys her political spots? 2) who IS truly from this community and has a history of commitment to this community vs the self-serving opportunist? 3) who IS the proven Democrat vs the sparse voting Trump Republican (except when it comes to moves that serve her family's $$$, then she's a liberal spender with other people's money-- just like Trump!? Don't buy her little media links to progressive stories. Ask her what she thinks of school choice and vouchers and support for private religious schools. Ask her about foreign policy. Ask her about gun control. Ask her to tell you what she likes best about the Democratic Party platform. Good luck getting her to go off script now that she has hints about what to memorize

M Salazar said...

Jaime, as far as that 100 times business, the trend is being set by the Master at this, Potus himself, and it's called the art of "hyperbole."
If nobody checks and nobody cares why not make something up to sound convincing.

The Lion Star said...

You're right, David KKK lies a lot.

But he's doing what he's being instructed to do.

Anonymous said...

I didn't call you an anti-Semite, I called the Never Fenenbock person an anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

For those that state that Dorky is rich and presents the rich, Escoba's salary and her husband's doesn't mean they're getting food stamps. So stop trying to paint Escoba as the poor presenting the poor., Is that another play from Hillarys game book ?

And you are correct, let's play fair. Dorky is Republican and supported by the Jewish community. Bought and paid for. Now Escoba is supported by the Hispanic community. But since her husband was appointed as a Judge by Sessions, he contributes to Republicans, they both are living well. First she said it was racist to lock up uninvited folks, now she supports jailing them because it keeps them safe, easy access by lawyers and family? So is she really a Democrat or just part time or according to the wind ?

Perhaps, they are Democrats trapped in a Republican body ? Or the reverse ? Send them to the military or VA so they can receive help to transition to a Democrat body. Why not everyone else is doing it. Changing for the votes that is!

Jud Burgess said...

My Fenenbucks campaign didn’t mention anything about her faith or heritage either. And of course a person would have to know a name like Fenenbock is Jewish, which it isn’t, it’s German. But that’s all beside the point which is that people will pull the race card, or in this case the heritage card when it’s convenient.

When Susie and Dori were BFFs trying to get the bond passed, before politics reared its ugly head, Susie (and you by extension) tried to pull the same anti-Semite number on me which only inspired me to create my Cabrera Bucks to accompany the Fenebucks.

Funny that now you’re on the receiving end of the trolls. It was never a big deal, just political dirty pool.

The Lion Star said...

Me by extension?

You're as stupid as David KKK if you think Byrd tells me a damn thing. No one does. If that were true do you think she'd be okay with my criticism of her BFF the Judge?

Your mad because she didn't support you and you got beat terribly.

And you're the only one that actually believes that putting a Jewish woman on a dollar bill isn't anti-Semitic. But whatever you gotta tell yourself to sleep at night.