Monday, August 7, 2017

Mayor Margo's Millions

Remember that whole argument about businessmen being good government leaders? No, I'm actually not talking about Trump this time.

But just wanted to very quickly remind you all that taxes in the City of El Paso are going up under Mayor Margo.

Mayor Margo is the same guy that applauded the veto done by Mayor Leeser over the Certificate of Obligation earlier this year.

Now Margo is not only pushing for the Certificates of Obligation, he is actually wanting to raise the amount.

Also, and maybe more importantly, keep an eye on the new D3 City Rep Cassandra Brown. She was pretty adamant about holding the line on Certificates of Obligation as a candidate and appears to have flipped. Lets see how that works out.

Yeah, those things happen. Just don't recall seeing it happen so quickly.


Anonymous said...

LOL, once again El Paso buys the bs, elects the liars and gets stuck (keeping it clean). Btw, the hospital will pay for itself, lol. Build a stadium and people will move to El Paso. Lol, still waiting for the land rush ( Oklahoma style), all those empty seats are people that buy tickets but don't attend, lol. Don't build a wall, but a fence is ok (Clinton quote), Democrat built the Tortilla wall, fence will destroy trade, lol. Lol, we had a fence for years but politicians tells trade has never been better, lol. Guess legal trade doesn't use the crossings, lol.

Have to stop, tearing eyes, urge to urrinate and stomach hurts, laughing too hard.

Jud Burgess said...
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