Thursday, August 3, 2017

Stout Undermines Commissioner's Court

County Commissioner David Stout held a press conference yesterday that has sleazy movida written all over it.

Frankly, the novelty of Stout being the white guy that speaks Spanish is over.

Stout presented information to the media about historic assets within the foot print of the Duranguito area. I'm 100% confident that this was coordinated with Bernie Sargent and Max Grossman.

The real problem with Stout's grandstanding is two fold. One, the County's historical survey is incomplete. According to the contract its supposed to be delivered later this year. But the reason that it was done now is because Stout is trying to help out the legal cases.

Ray Charles can see that.

Apparently Stout hasn't payed attention to the last election cycle, the voters don't care about Duranguito. It just wasn't an issue to them. Based on the result, they seemed to care more about getting the arena built.

Two, the Court voted earlier this year (with the exception of Stout) to not get involved with the arena project. Stout is the one who brought the item up and it went down in flames. The Court already spoke on this issue.

That is why he should stop whining like a big baby because he's being a massive hypocrite. He was the main critic of Commissioner Perez's press conference earlier this year about the jail contract. You memmer, memmer?

He was practically in tears during that meeting when he was questioning why Perez hadn't spoke to him about the issue. Somewhere, deep down in his heart, he still loves Vince. It pretty much sounded like this:

For whatever reason he hasn't figured out that it would've been a violation of the Open Meetings Act ala the City of El Paso had they spoken about the issue.


Anonymous said...

Jaime, you got it. Grandstanding, perhaps he is aiming for judge or state senator. His ego will do him in

Jaime+VinceXOXO said...

The novelty of Stout being the white guy that speaks Spanish may be over, but your love for Vince seems eternal.