Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hypocrisy: The Reyes Report

A frequent reader of the LSB sent me a screenshot that I obviously found very interesting. And by interesting, I mean hilariously hypocritical. Former Congressman Sylvestre Reyes posted this on Facebook and there were so many things that flooded into my brain when I read it.

First, the same people that were pissed that Beto O'Rourke used the name Beto instead of Robert are the same people completely okay with Dori Fenenbock using the term ¡Si Se Puede!

The same people that express pride in our culture, our raza, and our gente, the same people that want Latinos is positions of influence, are going to support a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, rich white woman.

Which is fine with me, but it makes me laugh when I hear them stroke themselves about how brown they are.

The other thing that makes me laugh is how he's not only blaming the demolition on Escobar, but how he talked about her handing out with Republicans. Now I'm not sure exactly what he's talking about, but this is the same guy who just a few days ago introduced Dori Fenenbock as a candidate for Congress and told Republicans to cross over and vote for her.

The guy who lost in part, because Republicans crossed over and voted against him.

The woman that has a mostly Republican voting record herself. And the woman who's largest expenditure was to an anti-gay consultant.

But the part that is most interesting to me was his use of one word...



Because its more than a little ironic that a former congressman who left office amid the specter of an ethics investigation is leveling the claim of corruption against anyone.

Oh yeah, you memmer, memmer?

The then-Congressman Reyes was accused of a wide-range of things that would be considered corrupt including allegedly breaking federal law by allegedly holding "campaign meetings on House property", and allegedly "misusing campaign funds to pay for certain expenses related to his daughter's residence" according to this report from the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Click here to read the report and the supporting documents.

The Office of Congressional Ethics Board was made up of 6 members and by a unanimous vote they recommended that the House Committee on Ethics "further review the above allegation concerning whether Representative Reyes improperly used campaign funds to pay for certain expenses related to his daughter’s residence because there is a substantial reason to believe that a violation of House rules, standards of conduct, or federal law occurred."

The House Committee on Ethics never heard the case because the recommendation from the Office of Congressional Ethics Board came in November 2012. Reyes had already lost to Beto O'Rourke in the Primary and O'Rourke had already won the general election. 

Reyes and his supporters still haven't gotten over the 2012 loss. At this point they never will. 

So Ol' Silver and his congressional ethics investigation and Dori Fenenbock and the alleged bid-rigging scheme are kind of the last two people who should be throwing the word "corruption" around.

Next time you hear Fenenbock talk about a "change", remember who her campaign Chairman is. Remember that she did what Reyes did, she hired his family for her campaign. Thats not change, its just more of the same. 


Anonymous said...

Time to repost this one of yours:

If Max Grossman is not the most hated man in El Paso he should be. And what ever happened to the investigation or charges for his violation of the open meetings act.

Go after him again please and remind everyone in our blessed Democrat town what his politics are too.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the local Democratic Party to issue a letter condemning Reyes for supporting a Republican--as they did with Marquez & Gonzalez in their support for Margo.

Oh wait.... the local party only tears down women.