Friday, January 5, 2018

BREAKING: Aguilar Wants Out

Controversial 243rd District Court Judge Luis Aguilar wants off the ballot.

I confirmed with El Paso County Democratic Party Chair Illiana Holguin that Aguilar has been trying to see if there is a way to remove his name from the ballot. However, that is not a power that rests with a local party chair.

Had Aguilar acted sooner, there was a small window that would have allowed him to take his name off the ballot, however that time has expired.

The only long shot for Aguilar to be removed from the ballot would be for him to pursue legal action to compel the Party to remove him, though it is not clear there are any actual grounds to do so.

Holguin confirmed that Aguilar does not want to be on the ballot, does not want voters to vote for him and will not serve if he is somehow reelected.

Chairwoman Holguin indicated that she consulted with the Secretary of State's Office after reading the relative statutes and they agreed with her interpretation of the statue in which she concluded that she did not have the authority to remove an otherwise qualified candidate.

Holguin did not indicate why he wanted to be removed from the ballot but sources in the courthouse indicated that Aguilar told some that it was due to an unspecified health issue.

The big winner in all of this is probably Selena Solis, who is the only Latina candidate and best-positioned in terms of campaigning. She's been the most willing to do what everyone else has been scared to do, which is define Aguilar and talk about his record. The last time Aguilar faced a Latina female opponent that was willing to take him on directly it was now-Judge Maria Salas Mendoza.

This will likely start to free-up the money from attorneys in the courthouse that have been reluctant to contribute to any of the candidates because of concerns about donating to any of the incumbents opponents.

This is what I was talking about earlier today by the way...

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