Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our Revolution Congressional Forum

So normally a forum on a Saturday night during the Wildcard Round of the playoffs is a terrible idea. But I was pleasantly surprised that the first forum to feature all of the Democratic candidates for the 16th congressional district on one stage at the same time was well-attended.

In fact, very well attended.

I'll post more video of the event once I've had a chance to edit it all (its a lot), but for now I wanted to focus on one question in particular. The organizers had a lottery system for the audience members to be able to pose a question to the candidates, which is actually a pretty smart idea because you allow questions from the audience, but it doesn't become a free-for-all and who asks the questions becomes random chance.

Luckily, my number got pulled. Which everyone had quite the laugh about.

Most of the night everyone complained about President Trump, even the Republican candidate that went to a small degree.

Since the Democratic candidates were all anti-Trump, I thought I would ask a question to see if anyone actually agreed with Trump on policy.

Turns out, one of the Democrats did.

Spoiler alert, its Dori Fenenbock.

The question I asked was whether they agreed or disagreed with President Trumps controversial decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

All the Democrats disagreed with it, through Norma Chavez seemed to be very careful with what she was saying, but ultimately said she disagreed with Trump. Fenenbock said she agreed with Trump's decision and explained why.

That drew boos from the audience members.

When she was done speaking, someone from the crowd yelled, "Free Palenstine!" which drew several cheers.


No Fake Dems said...

No walls in Mexico/ Usa or Israel/ Palestine

End apartheid

End racism

End hate

Never Fenenbock!

Anonymous said...


The look on her face when you were called to ask a question was priceless. Look how scared/angry she looks.

Keep doing what you do.

Longtime Fan

Lolita said...

I know you only chose responses from 4 candidates. Jerome got up immediately to answer and he did it very eloquently. The others were caught by surprise and had to think about how to answer. But It’s important to relate the fact that Fenenbock was the last one to get up and answer, not the second one as in the order of your videos. She was very uncomfortable. She was also not received at all well when she exceeded her time or when she chose to go for her Veronica attack talking points. She flopped and it’s probably why she ran out at the end with her little entourage instead of working the crowd. It probably made her afraid to go to the Eastside Democrat forum or any forum she cannot control. This woman is not ready for prime time and she proves it every time she’s in public. (I’m also surprised her little groupies haven’t accused you of being anti-Semitic for answering that question).

The Lion Star said...


She wasn't last. She was second- to last.

I only posted 4 of the answers because I couldn't just post the top 3 because Jerome was the first to jump up, otherwise it would have been just the top three candidates, Fenenbock, Escobar, and Garcia.

Its not anti-semitic to ask a question about a recent Trump policy for candidates vying for a congressional seat. Thats flat out ridiculous.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, your "buddy" David KKK, keeps on knocking you and in this case, claims you are anti-semitic for asking such a question. Give me a Break! I thought it is an excellent question because it weeds out the Crypto Republican from the true Democrats.

Again, Dori continues to show her true colors--that is Republican Red. In addition to Donald "Shithole" Trump, Republicans support a move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. They are alone in this thinking.

A move to Jerusalem provides absolutely Zero Upside, as pointed out by the first speaker. Such a move would mean that the US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And, effectively signals the end of any attempts to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. As well as the Arab countries in the middle east. Along with Iran. This is Trump's quid pro quo given to Sheldon Adelson for his $100 Million given to Trump. Also, the $5 Million Adelson donated for Trump's Inaugural.

When is David K going to get off his "Poor Dori--Any negative comments are seen as Anti-Semitic" kick? Poor Me. Continously playing the "I'm a Victim" Card? The dude is not even a native El Pasoan and now lives in Austin but continues to blog about and attacks you?

His idol, Dorita, is going to get crushed come Election Time.