Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Other Congressional Candidates

Here is video of the other congressional candidates that attended the Westside Democrats of El Paso forum last night.

Like I said, Ken Sutherland berated the people that didn't show up, so I should mention here that Enrique Garcia didn't attend last night, which is why there is no video of him.

Also, Norma Chavez TIED with Jerome Tilghman for number of votes in the endorsement. I know I mentioned it before, but it just surprised me that they tied. You'd think she would have done much better considering all her years in the public eye.

For those of you that have been waiting for her to go back to the old Norma, she's been very disciplined about not doing that publicly and her message is mostly focused on her. Everyone expected her to start through bombs at Veronica Escobar, especially because she spent so many years personally attacking Escobar on social media after Chavez's demise, even going so far as to modify Escobar's first name into something no feminist should ever call another woman. But alas, Chavez has been dignified and issue-oriented. You can't help but think that if this more mature Chavez was the one running against Naomi Gonzalez, Chavez would still have had her seat and could have actually been more viable in this election.

Chavez does take the occasional jab at Beto O'Rourke, who she used to call Bay-toe O'Rourke. She talks about bringing back hope (I didn't know it left) and a few other jabs, but nothing like the old days.

Honestly, I'm impressed with this Norma. Solid message. Not the greatest delivery, but a solid message and she's disciplined.

Jerome...well Jerome is Jerome. Nothing has really changed from the last time he ran. Still basically a Facebook campaign and now that there are bigger names in the race, he's gonna get even less of the electoral pie that the other times he's run. But you gotta admire his tenacity and he's entertaining. He gave the line of the night, "It doesn't matter what the question is, education is always the answer", which is a cheesy empty platitude, but his delivery is awesome.

His answer about why he voted Republican was terrible and frankly made no sense. I think I'll ask him next time I'm at a forum.

John Carrillo is a nice guy. Seems to have a decent understanding of what he wants to convey, but his problem is similar to Jerome Tilghman, no money, no name ID, no support base, etc.

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