Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Campaign Earworm

Okay, I know its kinda been serious around here lately. So lets lighten things up, shall we.

I saw this ad on Facebook the other day and when I heard it, I'll be honest - I rolled my eyes and thought it was the dumbest thing I've seen in politics in El Paso.

And that is saying a lot because, well El Paso does dumb politics pretty damn well.

I guess Samaniego felt like he didn't want Cook to corner the music market for candidates.

After a couple of hours, something weird happened. I started humming the damn thing.

Then I went to polling place and I heard a candidate for a different office humming it.

Its cheesy as hell. But it gets stuck in your head.

I was all set to make fun of Forma for the song, but it turns out, its kinda brilliant.

My favorite part is that it starts off rhyming, but at the end they just sorta give up on rhyming and it sounds like the responsorial psalm in mass where they sing the lines but they don't rhyme.

Any who, enjoy. And I apologize for putting this in your head in advance.

Alyssa Perez Mailer Shows Temperament; Temper

Alyssa Perez sent out a pretty ugly mailer against her opponent Monique Velarde that landed in mail boxes earlier this week.

It was ugly.

And you can't help but read the mailer and think that it clearly came from an emotional place from Perez.

There's not nice way to say it so I won't bother tip-toeing around it - she pulled a mean girls and body shamed her opponent. Yeah, the mailer was essentially just a vehicle for her to send out an unflattering picture of her opponent.

In the era of "me too" it makes you scratch your head to see a woman body-shame another woman, especially when vying for a seat on the bench.

And that shows you really the only thing we non-lawyers have to go on besides a basic sense of fairness, her temperament.

Perez was pissed about a mailer that Velarde sent out. The Velarde piece featured news clips of the controversy surrounding Perez working as a the attorney for CLEAT and taking judicial appointments and serving as a part-time, fill-in magistrate.

Essentially Velarde let the news stories do the talking.

Perez's response? A mean-spirited excuse to send a bad pic of her opponent to embarrass her and the word "lies".

So what did we learn today class? We learned that Perez's temper might get the better of her and that she apparently has no problems going full-on mean girl because she feels she's popular girl on campus wearing Prada.

That, more than anything any other judicial candidate has done this election cycle, is an indicator of how someone will be on the bench.

Vote accordingly.

Oh, and since she said Velarde's mailer is all a bunch of "lies", why were there multiple news stories about it?

More importantly, why does she acknowledge the issue herself multiple times in this interview?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Justice Delayed

Take note of the judges who pretty much just say screw it and give themselves the day off to go campaign on your dollar.

I showed you Judge Mike Herrera and John Chatman doing that yesterday, well apparently Jesus Urenda doesn't care either.

This is a pic taken of him today at 2:15 at the Esperanza Moreno Branch Library on the eastside.

Your tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Justice Delayed (During Early Voting)

Apparently a few judges pretty much close their courts down during early voting.

Your tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen.

I snapped this picture this morning at the Carolina center at about 8:30am today.

Not one, but two sitting judges were out campaigning instead of being at their job.

Pictured are Judge Mike Herrera and John-John Chatman.

So I guess there are no back logs in their courts.

By the way, this isn't a one-time thing. They have both been at Carolina center and other places regularly throughout early voting, so don't think this was just a coincidence.

Isn't that nice?

Botched Ad

Leave it to that clown car of a campaign that is the Dori Fenenbock congressional effort to do a negative ad against Escobar that features Escobar debating policy against Willie Gandara and Anthony Cobos.

There are a lot of reasons that this ad is hilarious to me. One - who was the genius that thought having Fenenbock align with Gandara and Cobos was a good idea, Norma Chavez? Seriously, was there a conversation in her little committee and someone had the balls to stand up and say, "Hey, I know...what if we had a commercial featuring Escobar fighting with Willie Gandara and Anthony Cobos!"

Whoever came up with that should never be allowed near a campaign again because they aren't helping.

Other reasons this commercial is hilarious - very few items are ever taken to the voters, even fewer from the County. Not because they don't care, but because there is no legal mechanism to do so. Its mostly just bonds that go to the public. And guess what, part of the commercial talks about the children's hospital...which went to the voters.

Take a civics class people. You elect representatives to make decisions for you. If you don't like their decisions, you get to vote them out.

But for me, its the timing of the ad that cracks me up the most. Escobar had to actually fight corruption when she was a commissioner and eventually as county judge. Now Fenenbock has said she cleaned up corruption at EPISD - which is 100% bullshit - but at the very time her campaign releases this ad, it turns out that Fenenbock was receiving campaign contributions from EPISD contractors while she was still a board member.

Gotta love it.

But what I love as much as this ad is Fenenbock's duplicity. Maybe its the whole entitled wealthy westside thing, but the fact that Fenenbock has two sets of rules cracks me up. First, she accuses Susie Byrd of doing what vendors have denied her doing, but what she was guilty herself of doing - taking money from contractors while she was a board member.

What is Fenenbock's excuse? Oh, they are personal friends of mine.

Oh okay, well as long as they are personal friends of yours that are also vendors that are bidding on the largest bond ever passed in El Paso County then I guess there's nothing to see here right?

Or her comment defending the guy that was allegedly involved in a dirty deal characterized as a bid-rigging scheme saying that Escobar has to stop demonizing good people. This is the guy that was making $1,500 per day from tax payers and was apparently providing Fenenbock with campaign advice while she was a trustee.

Meanwhile notice how when she goes after Escobar and Byrd (accusing them of what she was actually guilty of herself) she demonizes two donors of Escobar's that are Chicano and weren't actually vendors at the time. The same lady who bragged about defeating Latino opponents.

The same lady that demonizes Escobar's spouse, while her own spouse is a right-wing extremist.

The same lady that says Escobar isn't pro-immigrant but has no record on immigration herself except for the stance of wanting to further militarize the border and has a former border patrol chief as her campaign chair.

Gotta love her duplicity.

But mark my words, she'll do it AT LEAST one more time before election day. Mark my words.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chavez's Financial Problems

Former State Rep Norma Chavez's campaign is in bigger trouble than I thought. When Chavez actually did file a report, for the first time in the entire campaign, it was clear what she was hiding.

Her campaign is a financial ruin. She got one campaign donation listed.


I'm not joking.

And in this bizarro world we live in now, people turn something into the opposite of what it really is thanks to Donald Trump, so Chavez is now acting like her finance report is somehow a good thing.

Here's the truth - Chavez is doing exactly what I said yesterday that a lot of people where concerned about...she's going to tarnish Dolores Huerta.

Chavez already has a loan listed from family - her family members on a fixed income at that - that far exceeds the limits set out in the law.

She came up with some BS excuse that its a joint account that she shares with family. But if that is true, that report is even more fraudulent that it appears to have been on face value based on her comments.

There are several violations on her report and guess who she put on the hook for her mistakes? Thats right, Dolores Huerta. An iconic civil rights leader is on the hook for Norma's pendejadas.

Norma should be as ashamed of herself as we as a community are as ashamed of Norma.

The fact that her campaign is in such poor shape shows that she is even more unpopular than I thought. She struggles to raise anywhere near the number she used to raise for her state rep races. And there has been almost no grassroots effort on the part of Chavez, most certainly not in the area of town that used to be her "base". I've knocked on thousands of doors this cycle and I haven't seen on single person that has heard from Chavez.

Not one.

And Chavez's quote in the El Paso Times about her name ID is indicative of her strategy, she's gonna rely on name ID.

And that is bad for Chavez. Lots of people have name ID. Hell Bin Ladin had name ID, that doesn't mean people like him.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Fenenbock Gave $12k to Consultant Tied to EPISD Contract

According to campaign finance reports Dori Fenenbock, who is currently trying to call into question Susie Byrd's activities as a trustee working for her opponent, has paid $12,000 to a firm involving Scott Himelstein. Himelstein was the consultant who was paid $1,500 per day (of tax payer money) by EPISD to set up meetings between Cabrera and and Gafcon, who ultimately won the bid to oversee the bond that was pushed through by Fenenbock.

That was the largest bond ever attempted in El Paso County, to the sum of $669 million.

The reason that the contract came to light was because Trustee Susie Byrd raise concerns about the details of the contract and the circumstances around it according to an article in the El Paso Times.

This is a big development because Dori Fenenbock's campaign has been throwing out allegations of corruption against Susie Byrd, but contributed $12,000 to the firm involved in that questionable deal that has been characterized by many as a bid-rigging scheme.

That is a negative ad waiting to happen, except Escobar isn't punching back. I'm not sure who in her campaign thought it was a good idea to bring them in, but it completely undermines the attack on Susie Byrd and opened Fenenbock up to an even bigger critique on her campaign activities.

The point is, its a very real concern and will be troublesome for voters, especially for voters in the EPISD area, which makes up most of the high traffic westside precincts.

Especially because Fenenbock even further solidifies her ties to that dirty deal. If you recall, she advocated for the contract strongly. Here's video of that in case you forgot:

So if I understand the timing correctly it makes sense now why there is an attack on Susie Byrd, because she's now paying the guy that was getting paid fat money for that dirty deal with Cabrera and the contract.

Do the math on that one.

Chavez, Garcia Fail to File

Former State Representative, who filed at the very last minute for congress has now missed her second required financial filing with the FEC. Election law requires candidates to be transparent with the fundraising activities and disclose that information in filings.

The fact that Chavez isn't a top-tier candidate doesn't absolve her of her requirement to follow the law.

This underscores a fear among many Chicano activists about Norma Chavez. Many have been concerned that Chavez would be her normal self and ultimately tarnish the image of her treasurer, Dolores Huerta. The fact that she lists Dolores Huerta as her treasurer but hasn't filed the required financial disclosures is troubling and Chavez has an extra responsibility to make sure that her antics don't tarnish Huerta.

More importantly however, its part of a disturbing trend that Chavez has had throughout her career with being transparent. If you recall, Chavez was pretty much the only local elected official that was opposed to the creation of the County Ethics Commission.

She has openly lied about the ethics commission stating that it is unconstitutional. There has been no constitutional challenge to the Ethics Commission and Chavez is not an attorney.

Many have wondered about where Chavez got the money to file and have been looking for her required financial report. She stated that she got the money from an investment in Bitcoin (I'm not making that up), but no one knows if that is indeed true or not because, well you know, she hasn't filed.

A couple of friends have stated that she's broke, which is why she hasn't filed a report. Either way she's spent money on signs, lit, mailers, and a filing fee. The laws exist to ensure that candidates are transparent about their money.

This leads to the inevitable question of what is Norma Chavez hiding?

Norma has been throwing out allegations of character and the truth and track records. At this point, she might want to stop doing that when she can't even be transparent enough to file a campaign report.

See for yourself:

Rumors that she funded a mailer through enchilada sales and selling her Elvis Presley Commemorative Plates on Ebay are unconfirmed.

Enrique Garcia didn't file a report either.

Judges & Fingergate

A very reliable source has indicated to me that the dispute between Judges Patrick Garcia and Ricardo Herrera is now over.

The anti-climatic end came earlier this week when the two essentially agreed on a something similar to a plea deal, without Judge Garcia having to officially acknowledge wrong-doing.

But as a practical matter, he seems to have acknowledged culpability.

Judge Garcia agreed to going to anger management classes in exchange for a dismissal of the charge.

The dispute arose a while back when Herrera and some other judges were in the parking lot of the courthouse and Judge Garcia allegedly approached cursing and shouting at Herrera over a court case. Garcia allegedly threw the figure at Judge Herrera.

I know, real mature right?

Kudos to Herrera for actually going through the legal process on this issue. Most people would've figured this would have just went away.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Well when your campaign is in its final death throws and you have to go super negative in order to try to make a run-off, you have to throw a few bombs.

But the problem with throwing political bombshells is every once in a while, they go off in your hand.

Looks like this whole Susie Byrd nontroversy ended up blowing up in Dori's face with the revelation that Dori Fenenbock actually took money from multiple contractors that are doing business with EPISD tax-payer funded bond projects.

You remember the bond projects don't ya?

That is what Dori pushed through and used as a stepping stone on her bid to be congresswoman. Turns out the lady who allegedly cleaned up corruption at EPISD has taken contributions with contractors that have, or are, trying to profit off of the bond she pushed through.

Interestingly this happened while she was a trustee and while she was "exploring" the idea of running for congress.

Fenenbock and her clan of followers have alleged Susie Byrd had solicited donations on while a trustee and she created quite the hubbub about it, even going so far as to have two of her public supporters, Trent Hatch and Mickey Loweree to start playing politics with the agenda.

Fenenbock even showed up at the meeting to call for an audit.

Which is hilarious because, the word that she and her supporters have been using to allege Susie Byrd was raising money with vendors for Veronica Escobar was "corruption".

So now that the truth has come out that Fenenbock received money from parties doing business with the District, I have one single question for Dori and her click...

Now that it has been revealed that Dori Fenenbock received campaign dollars while still sitting as an EPISD Board member and posturing for a congressional bid, I'm just wondering one thing.

Is it still corruption?

Come on, seriously people. How much more comical can Dori's campaign possibly get? I mean she puts herself all out there, even went so far as to show up to public comment to make an accusation that it appears she may have actually been guilty of herself. That is some funny stuff, I don't care who you're voting for!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sexism Hits Probate Court Race

Pretty dramatic image huh?

I did it to make a point about how if you alter a perspective, anyone can look bad.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, it really surprises me that a white male candidate would attack a woman of color on the campaign trail, but apparently Darron Powell isn't at all concerned.

Word around the courthouse was everything was just fine between Powell and the probate court judge Patricia Chew until Powell had a ruling against him that he didn't like. Then he chose to make it personal and filed to run against her.

Once he filed then things got ugly. He started gunning or her basically right out of the gate. Now I'm not one to be shy about a negative message. An issues-based negative message is an effective message.

But if all you're doing is throwing bombs, well eventually you're gonna lose a few fingers.

I found in my mailbox today, a piece from Powell. He has now resorted to going after Judge Chew's personal life.

Thats not a negative message, that is personal. And there is no place for personal assaults like that in El Paso politics. Can you be a male candidate and go negative against a woman? Sure, if you do it exactly right and get some help along the way, it can be done.

But that isn't negative, its ugly.

Powell has been trying to leverage several half-truths and allegations. I looked in to what he says and most of it comes up as nothing. But since the get-go he has been trying to target a staffer in a creepy way.

Now he's gone completely over the edge and called Judge Chew a home wrecker. And that is some sexist BS if I ever saw it. Why? Because male candidates are never judged by their sex life, lack of sex life, or exploits. That is something that is unique to women and its shameful that Powell raised the issue.

Who a judge sleeps with, or doesn't, is none of our business and entirely unrelated to the performance of their job. Powell could have continued to raise his message without having the need to include a personal attack of that nature. But he did so because this is personal to him.

The reality is we as a community need to reject tactics like that. As Jerome Tilghman says, politics doesn't shape our character, it reveals it. Powell doesn't just make a sharp policy critique, he makes an attack on personal life.

And he attacks people who aren't the candidate. That is when you know you are dealing with a flawed individual when they attack people are not the candidate. There is no reason, nor practical advantage to doing so, it just shows the flaws in their humanity.

For a guy who is allegedly facing a lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duty, he might want to stop throwing rocks inside that glass house he lives in.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Alyssa Perez & CLEAT Website

So as you know Alyssa Perez has this issue hanging over her head that has taken her off the bench until there is an opinion from the County Attorney's Office given to the Council of Judges on a possible conflict of interest.

At issue is Perez being an attorney for CLEAT, an attorney in private practice taking indigent defense cases, and being a part-time fill-in jail magistrate.

So I have been getting a lot of feed back from the courthouse about this issue - and still have yet to hear from a single person who thinks its no big deal - and several have mentioned that the have never heard of a CLEAT lawyer also taking cases.

Well there might very well be a reason they have never heard of that. If you look at the CLEAT website they tout some interesting things about their attorneys.

You can click this link to read the entire page, but they pretty clearly state that CLEAT lawyers only work for members.

"CLEAT attorneys specialize in working only for Texas law enforcement personnel."

Note the use of the word, "only".

And they are pretty emphatic about it too.

"When our members need help, we don’t want them to go to the back of the line waiting for an attorney to bail out a crack dealer or finish up a divorce case."
So its unclear if they know that Perez is taking other cases or if they even have a problem with it at all. It may not be an issue for them at all, but if it isn't an issue for them - them they might want to remove a few things on their website. 

Most notably lines like this:

"The founders of CLEAT wanted lawyers working just for Texas officers and that has been the extraordinary model of success for more than 40 years."

Truth, Integrity & Character - The Norma Chavez Story

I attended what is probably the last debate of the campaign season last night, save for KVIA tapings today, because I had a feeling that if the proverbial stuff was gonna hit the fan, it would be at the last debate.

And it didn't disappoint. there is plenty to talk about that I'll get to in another post, but I want to zero in on former State Representative Norma Chavez and her comments in the closing segment.

First, these candidates have to realize that they have to really hope there is a run-off. Apparently none of them have ever taken Politics 101 but one of them has to make it into a run-off and not a single one of them, other than Dori, is smart enough to set themselves up as a viable #2 option.


Because of emotion. Most of them know they are losing and at this point are throwing haymakers hoping to land something big.

Ultimately Norma will go down, much like her political career, as the biggest disappointment of all because she's not thinking strategically, which is not a shocker if you know Norma. This, as it has from day one, has been all about a personal vendetta for Norma. If her and Garcia were smart, they would have went after Fenenbock to try to sew up that number two spot and then see what happens if they pull Escobar into a run off.

But that didn't happen and now people are just kinda waiting around to figure out what the over-under is before Chavez pulls a Mariana Chew and ends up in a Republican commercial for the general election.

Chavez, who started off the race with a strategy of being the elder stateswoman because she was trying to look like the mature, qualified, candidate who had learned from her previous mistakes, has apparently abandoned that strategy in favor of crazy town. Now it is back to the old school, win-at-all-costs, bully Norma Chavez.

I, along with many others, was encouraged and kinda rooting for, the "New Norma". Although we all kinda were waiting around for the "real Norma" to show up again and well, she didn't disappoint.

So to get to the point of what Chavez said last night that I found so interesting, she went after Escobar in her closing and mentioned that when it comes to someone's public political record that truth, integrity, and character are important.

If you know Norma, then you know that she is the last person that should have the audacity to talk about any of those three things.

First, truth. Norma has been putting up this false front of being changed and reformed and having learned from the past.

No she hasn't.

She's the same ol' Norma, only in better shape and minus an entourage. She acknowledged making mistakes in the past and said probably the biggest lie I've heard this election cycle, not told by Dori Fenenbock or a JP candidate...that her mistakes never cost this community money.

Her mistakes and behavior as a legislator have probably cost this community more money than any other single elected official. I can sum (see what I did there?) up what she cost this community up in one word, "gaming".


This is the state representative who was taking money from the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo to pass a gaming bill and also taking money from a tribe who was trying to kill gaming in Texas.

That's not integrity and there is no explaining that away.

And character?

For those of you who are new around here, or are new voters - this is the real Norma Chavez.

She now blows this off because she apologized for it. But she only apologized for it because every LGBTQ organization in the Lone Star State was up in arms about Chavez - a Democrat mind you - being so willing to win at all costs that she went after the sexuality of her opponent.

And her justification for "outing" her opponent, was that her opponent was allegedly "profiling" a biker. Now let me nip that bullshit in the bud because her apologists are just as bad as Norma for pretending that is even remotely justification.

First, there were several bikers that Norma planted in the audience because she believes they are her base. She had one stand up and ask about a particular bill. The idea was that Norma's opponent wouldn't know what the bill was it that was somehow going to make her look bad. I don't know, it was stupid then, its even more stupid now. Anywho, Norma's opponent said that she didn't know what the bill was, but judging by how the guy was dressed, it had something to do with motorcycles.

In Norma and her apologists mind, that was tantamount to calling them the "n" word.

But the reality was, it was a biker bill and the guy was a biker, so the hub bub was completely artificial. The point is, who the hell cares? Being a biker is an activity you choose to do. No one forces you. No one makes you do it. Its a recreational activity or mostly well-to-do people (bikes aren't cheap) and isn't something remotely akin to being LGBTQ.

Not even in the same universe. But that is STILL Norma's justification for outing her opponent.

But the reality is that is the real Norma Chavez.

Win at all costs.

No matter what damage it does to her, those around her....

...or this community.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Forma Forma'd Another Mailer

Forma is synonymous with two things - excellent negative mail, and often sending that mail to the wrong places.

Looks like it happened again. I was block walking near Bel Air High School today and I caught a glimpse of a negative piece they sent out against Commissioner Stout.

Honestly, it was a pretty effective piece. Quite impressive actually.

Too bad they sent the mail out of the district (again) and sent it to voters in Precinct 3.

Forma has struggled with mail for literally years. In a very close city council race, they once infamously sent out the last GOTV post to land on a Monday. Problem was, municipal elections were on Saturdays. So people got the mailer after the election was over and by then, Tania Chozet had already lost.

C'mon team, whats the point of great negative mail if you can't hit the right mail boxes with it?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Truth Bombs for Fenenbock

I went to the We (Fill-in-the-Blank) debate last night and Dori Fenenbock said something that made me laugh.

In her closing she went after Judge Escobar and said that people deserve to know the truth.

Its pretty freaking ironic that someone like Dori Fenenbock has the nerve to talk about the truth.

Quick side bar: I really wish Escobar would stop trying to channel her inner Michelle Obama and the whole They-Go-Low, We-Go-High thing. She should stop allowing Fenenbock and her crew to say things about her that aren't true. She's been making it too easy for Fenenbock.

Michelle wasn't a candidate and we lost that election to the Republicans. There's a lesson there.

Anywho - lets actually talk about Dori Fenenbock and "the truth".

She's not very good at telling it.

She said a new whopper of a tale last night - she is now taking credit for "cleaning up corruption" at EPISD.

Here's a quick run down of things Fenenbock has said that aren't true:

***As an EPISD candidate she said she would control spending. She spearheaded the largest bond in the history of El Paso County.

***She said she implemented sanctuary schools in EPISD. That actually came about because of a Supreme Court the 80's.

***Fenenbock has claimed to unite EPISD's board of trustees. Well it was a brand new board of trustees, there was no reason to be divided, until she put her political interests above her promise to voters to serve as a trustee.

***She's changed her story several times about her Republican voting history.

***She keeps calling herself a licensed attorney when she does not in fact, does not possess an active license to practice law anywhere in the United States.

***She said she wouldn't go to the Eastside Democrats debate because she didn't think it was fair that a moderator had made a contribution to Escobar - but participated in two debates at Democratic Clubs where the chair had already endorsed her before the organization made endorsements.

***Fenenbock claims "We have 92 schools in EPISD and I have been in homes of almost every family..." 3:40

***Fenenbock's camp at one point allegedly claimed to have had the endorsement of the teacher unions in EPISD - that turned out to be untrue.

***Fenenbock has been talking about taxes being out of control while she's been on the campaign trail for this office, but while campaigning for the bond, actually sent an email to Cabrera saying that it was a "myth" that El Paso's taxes are high. 

***Claimed the Democratic Party "made" her a compañera, but actually it was something you purchase.

***She says she cleaned up corruption at EPISD, but she actually advocated for a dirty contract that was characterized as a "bid-rigging scheme".

Seriously, at this point she's about as unreliable with the truth as a Trump White House Press Secretary!

That last one is really bad. I hope she is asked about it in a forum soon. She's never really explained the vote and why she advocated for it.

I don't even understand how she can take credit for cleaning up corruption at EPISD when they went in after the Board of Managers. Unless she's calling the Board of Manager corrupt, which is weird because it was headed by Dee Margo.

Shocker, she personally contributed to Dee Margo.

Now go back and count all those lies. I didn't number them, specifically so you would go back and have to take note of each and every one.

We good?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Attorney Asks for Contribution Back from Judicial Candidate

An attorney working in the County Attorney's Office, Amy Monsisvais, has asked Felix Castañon, judicial candidate for the 243rd Judicial District Court, for her money back.

Castañon says its political payback.

Monsisvais made a contribution to Castañon earlier this election cycle in his bid, who along with Selena Solis and Robert Ramos, are trying to unseat Judge Luis Aguilar. Aguilar has since purchased ads, but not spoken to media, indicating that he does not want people to vote for him and that he is not actively seeking the seat despite his name still being on the ballot.

Monsisvais said in a social media post that she was no longer supporting Castañon and laid out the reasons why.

In a phone interview she also indicated that she had reached out to Castañon's campaign team to ask for her money back. I don't recall a candidate being asked to return a contribution by the person who made the contribution in recent memory.

Here is part of what Monsisvais said in her social media post.
"During his campaign, Felix has criticized Judge Aguilar for engaging in disrespectful treatment of litigants in his courtroom (Watch "Felix Castañon ESD" on YouTube, and this was part of the basis of my grievance against Judge Aguilar. Felix, nevertheless, provided an affidavit to the Commission defending and supporting Judge Aguilar. The statements contained in Felix’s affidavit regarding my conduct were untrue and unsupported by the record. You can decide for yourself by obtaining a copy of the affidavit and record of the Commission’s proceedings, as I did, by filing a Public Information Act request at"
Castañon says this is all a matter of political payback. 

The issue stems from a complaint that Monsisvais made against Judge Luis Aguilar for his treatment of her that day. Ultimately Judge Aguilar received a public reprimand from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for a myriad of reasons, one of which being the way he treats people in his courtroom. It was not, however, related to Monsisvais' complaint. Her complaint was dismissed, which she says was the reason she FOIA'd the records regarding the complaint  

In response to her request, she obtained a copy of the affidavit submitted by Mr. Castañon in which he appears to defend the actions of Judge Aguilar. 

He says that in his recollection of the events that led up to Monsisvais' complaint against Aguilar, "She was unprofessional." And Castañon says "another attorney said the same thing, 'she was disrespectful'".

Castañon went on to say, "She says its not payback, but in her post, she doesn't mention the other attorney. This is a former colleague of hers."

Here is the affidavit from Castañon about his account of what transpired that day with Judge Aguilar.

"I disagree with a lot of judges, this one and GG, but when he tells you this is what it is, at some point you accept rulings. At some point, you accept rulings. Its part of being a lawyer in a court room."

However, Castañon later indicated that he only gave the affidavit under pressure from Judge Luis Aguilar. "You can imagine, I have to report to this court day after day."

Earlier in the interview Castañon gave this account of why he supplied the affidavit.

"The judge was on my ass and another public defender's ass to make a statement...he was like, 'give me an affidavit, you were there.' I kept putting off, kept putting off and it got to the point where I went to my boss, Jaime Gandara...He told me that they could compel my testimony..."

Castañon continued, "We try not go against judges. Because politically we have no political power. If we piss off a judge at the Public Defenders office, they can just take away our cases and you know, mess with us." 

The other attorney mentioned by Castañon gave an account that was somewhat similar to his.

However, Castañon's and the other attorney's account of what transpired that day in which Castañon appears to have defended Aguilar, differs greatly from the record taken by the court reporter in real time.

I asked Castañon why his account laid out in the affidavit didn't match what the court reporter recorded in real time. He responded, "yeah, thats my recollection. It happens in the court room. Recollections are different, but that is my recollection of what happened...They are trying to build a conspiracy, I wrote it like I remembered it."

During a candidate forum over the weekend, one of his opponents, Selena Solis was critical of the fact that Castañon was a public defender assigned to Aguilar's court, and he has been critical of Aguilar's conduct while on the campaign trail, yet never filed a complaint.

When Monsisvais saw video of Castañon's comments she said, "not only did he do nothing about it, he actually defended Aguilar in an affidavit".

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fenenbock's Answer to Republican Record

Next time you see a debate, I want you to notice something. Dori Fenenbock typically dodges her Republican voting record. Whenever she's asked about it, she usually says something along the lines of "I'm glad you asked that, because I get that questions a lot" and then proceeds to not actually answer the question.

She did it at the Tejano Dems event the over the weekend but she also did it at the Black El Paso Democrats event the other day as well.

Take a look for yourself:

Go back and look to every time she is asked about it. She ducks it lately, but the answer has actually changed. She's said everything from she voted Republican because they were candidates that she agreed with about Israel, to trying to influence the outcome of the GOP side of an election because El Paso is a safe seat.

If you take note of how the question was framed at the BEPD forum, you'll notice that they asked why she was so committed to the GOP back then and is running as a Democrat now. Interestingly she didn't push back on the premise of the question. She didn't deny being committed to the GOP, so that contradicts how she has framed her position of having voted to influence the outcome of the GOP race because El Paso is a safe Demo seat.

But here is the bottom line about Dori and her voting record. She asks people in this video to judge her on her record. So let's.

She loves to pat herself on the back for "volunteering" to serve on EPISD Board of Trustees. Sure you don't get paid, but you're not a volunteer, you're a politician. And she served part of one term, until her own individual agenda became more of a priority.

She backed out on a commitment to students. That tells you everything you need to know about her record.

When she was on the Board, she sowed division. She supported the administrator that appears to have participated in a bid-rigging scheme. This new board was supposed to be different and here we are with the same old story.

But more importantly, lets talk about a GOP connection that someone should ask that she absolutely cannot shake. Dori Fenenbock donated to a Republican in a race against popular Democrats Eliot Shapleigh and Joe Moody.

So do what Fenenbock says, judge her on her record. She voters Republican, donates to Republicans against Democrats, and abandoned commitments to students for personal political gain.

Thats Fenenbock's record.

JP's and Truancy

Justices of the Peace don't lower truancy.

At one time, parents would be held legally liable and have to go to court if their kids didn't go to school.

But there's no evidence that it every actually cut down on truancy.

But more to the point, every time you see a Justice of the Peace candidate talking about how they cut truancy or they are going to keep kids in school, they are lying or ignorant to the law.

Or both.

In fact, here's a door hanger of Jesus Urenda who actually had the audacity to put it on a piece of literature.

Its a straight-up lie. John Chatman uses the same line.

Are truancies down since they have been in office? Sure. But what they don't tell you is that they are down because they are almost never referred to the JP court anymore.

They law changed. Its not criminal anymore.

That is why truancies are down, not because of the JP's. The JP's had nothing to do with it and whenever you hear one taking credit for it, know that they are lying to you are incredibly misinformed about their own courts.

And that should tell you a lot about them as a candidate.

Williams Targeted by Sierra's Pro-Fenenbock PAC

Don Williams became the latest casualty in an ever-growing offensive by Carlos Sierra's pro-Fenenbock PAC over the weekend.

At the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting this weekend, members were sent a text message and email that specifically mentions Don Williams.

Mr. Williams has done an exhaustive search for any mention he allegedly made of Dori Fenenbock's husband and wasn't able to find a single instance of mentioning Mark Fenenbock, who has voted Republican in nearly every Republican primary for the last decade and contributed to several extremist Republicans.

The email contained a link to a video on the YouTube channel run by Keep El Paso Honest, the PAC run by Carlos Sierra who has failed to comply with finance regulations.

The videos that have been played on local television were arranged by a firm on behalf of Keep El Paso Honest that places ads for many GOP causes and campaigns.

For whatever reason the Keep El Paso Honest ads seem to be pretty poor quality. They have one ad of Escobar on a donkey (makes sense since she's actually a Democrat) through town but the video was so terrible it looked like a really poorly done episode of South Park.

Carlos Sierra, who sources indicate was beat up in a fight at a Journey concert last year, must still be feeling the blows to the head because part of the video doesn't even make sense. It appears to have a spelling or grammar error depending on what he was actually trying to say.

So far, Dori Fenenbock has not disavowed the content of the ads nor the personal attacks on people in the race that aren't the candidate.

For his part, Don Williams has indicated that he is reviewing what his legal options are at this point, which if he filed suit against Keep El Paso Honest could be problematic for them because it might tie up a lot of their money in litigation, even if the suit went nowhere.

Williams typically does a good job of being friendly with people on all sides of a race and usually isn't one to want to burn bridges with political factions. If you know Don Williams, you know he likes to be liked.

Here is a picture of him the very night that the text message was sent out. That is Fenenbock campaign manager Veronica Cintron.

Another thing that hasn't been disavowed by Fenenbock has been how the Reyes clan have been berating supporters of other candidates. Former Congressman Silvestre Reyes, who has some sort of title with the Fenenbock campaign sent Facebook messages directly to a supporter of another campaign, carrying on a disagreement the two had in a Facebook exchange.

The Endorsement

I was there, I witnessed most of the process first-hand as an eye witness. Everything at the Tejano endorsement was on the up and up. Chairman Holguin runs a tight ship and there was no funny business going on with who was allowed to vote, who wasn't, who voted, who didn't, etc.

The process was clean and Dori Fenenbock won the endorsement fair and square.

How the email addresses and phone numbers ended up with a Republican PAC is unknown but the Chairman did not authorize that information to be shared with anyone so there is no indication where Carlos Sierra was able to obtain the information.

Nor did the emails/text messages influence the outcome. Most members didn't see the email (there's a lot of seniors) until after the endorsement process.

Immigration & Spouses

So the really troubling part of the debates as of late has been the fact that all of a sudden all of these candidates seem to care about comprehensive immigration reform. Now that is a cause I have been working on with folks for years. Having worked for Border Network for Human Rights, I have had a front-row seat to who has, and who has not been committed to this issue.

Yes, Escobar's husband is an immigration judge and the fact that he is an immigration judge is something that is relevant to the campaign. But people like Dori Fenenbock should not be so willing to make spouses fair game in the debate process.


Well because Dori Fenenbock's husband is a major liability for her and since Dori Fenenbock can't keep her story straight about her voting record, she can't escape her husband's voting record, his support for Trump, and the record of his contributions.

So why she would want to make spouses fair game is beyond me, but she apparently has, so I'm sure she is now going to have to figure out more artful ways of dodging questions not only about her own voting record, but also his because there's no doubt that Mark Fenenbock will now be under scrutiny.

Actually the same people from the Reyes click that get excited about the anti-Escobar ads would be losing their minds if the ads were done in the same way, but featuring Fenenbock.

But hey, back to immigration because I have an observation to make about that. Having been around the CIR movement for the last decade, I can tell you that I have only seen two of the congressional candidates ever show up to an immigration reform event.

Escobar has been going to them for years, she goes when there aren't cameras, she helps with grunt work, etc. She's actually the only candidate running that has actually been recognized for her work with comprehensive immigration reform.

Not one of the other candidates has.

The other candidate that has shown up to CIR events is Norma Chavez. She showed up to one that I can recall, but I bugged her office to make sure she went, it wasn't because she was excited to go.

Now, here is the list of people that I have never, not once, seen at an immigration reform event:

Enrique Garcia. The vato is an immigration attorney and I've never once seen him at an immigration reform event. Now he usually has the harshest tone about Pleters, so I don't know if the two have a past but if they don't, it sure looks like it. Garcia is also the one most likely to lose his cool if someone went after his spouse. With good reason too, she's a very nice woman and doesn't appear to be political involved at all except for her husband's run, so she should be treated as a non-combatant. My point is, Garcia would lose it if she was suddenly the focus of a rival's attacks.

Dori Fenenbock. Never seen her at anything remotely related to policy or a cause before she ran for school board. Much less have I ever seen her at an immigration reform event. She has no record of supporting CIR before using it as a punchline in her campaign. And since Don Williams and I have taken photos or videos of damn near every Democratic Party event for the last decade, there's also no record of Dori Fenenbock ever supporting the Democratic Party.

John Carrillo. I don't know if it was because of his job or what, but he's never been involved in comprehensive immigration reform or any social justice issue that I can recall. But he's kinda new to the political scene in general.

Jerome Tilghman. Jerome talks a lot about DACA and immigration now that he is a candidate. He may have spoken about it other times he's run for congress, but not to the extent that he does now. But I've never seen him anywhere near an immigration reform event. The only event I have ever seen him at that was a public political event was the Tea Party Rally where he was trying to play to that crowd of crazies.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Old Norma is Back

And that is not a good thing.

I told you it was gonna happen. I'm surprised it took this long, and after how well she did at the Black El Paso Democrats event, I was starting to think that she really had changed.

But good ol' Norma proved everyone right last night, that leopard doesn't change her spots.

Last night at the Tejano Democrats endorsement event, the old Norma came roaring back.

You memmer, memmer?

The bully.

The angry, emotional, temperamental politician who over-stayed her welcome.

The bull in the China shop.

The one willing to say and do anything to win.

The one obsessed with "her place".

The one who felt like she was entitled to accolades and was angry she didn't get them.

The only thing missing was "lesbian gay woman".

Before I talk about last night, earlier in the week at Black El Paso Democrats, Norma was great. Classy. On message.

She did so well, I even told her that night that I thought she did really great.

And then the Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting happened. I don't know if it was the tension of the environment or the fact that she has basically no money to campaign with and she's not getting anywhere near the support she thought shew as gonna get, but the "new Norma" is gone and its back to the same old Norma everyone knows.

I saw a little crack in the facade of the new Norma at the westside Democrats forum when she tried to intimidate a Chicana elected official because she was upset that the elected official was supporting Escobar. Well last night Norma was overheard saying something just flat-out hurtful and shameful to another woman.

Even by Norma standards it was bad. I was asked not to repeat it, so I won't say what it was, but frankly, Norma should be ashamed of herself for saying something so terrible to another woman.

But back to Norma at the Tejano debate. Norma went back to doing what Norma always does, whining about not having her place and whining about her long-running beef with Eliot Shapleigh, who is still more popular at Tejano events than Norma Chavez and he hasn't been to one in a good 5 or 6 years.

You would've thought she was running against Shapleigh for congress.

Chavez showed what I said from the start - this was personal for her. Her and the Reyes clan just haven't gotten over the loss to Beto O'Rourke a few years ago. So it must have driven them nuts when O'Rourke was the only candidate that was actually endorsed by acclamation last night.

Speaking of the Reyes clan, remember how they came off the hinges when they lost to Beto a few years ago? Well they are at it again. But that is for another post, because nothing is so funny than to hear an ex Border Patrol Chief responsible for Operation Hold the Line point the finger about deporting people...

Okay to wrap things up, I'll let the cat out of the bag about what Norma's little surprise announcement is gonna be. Dolores Huerta is going to come to town right before early voting.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fenenbock's Financial Flop

I love alliteration when it comes to Dori Fenenbock.

I don't know why, but I do.

And you know what Fenenbock loves?

Flip-Floppin' apparently.

No, I'm actually not talking about her position on charter schools, though she's flipped on that as well.

I'm talking about her position on taxes.

See when she's running for congress, or hell back when she was running for school board, she talks about controlling spending. When she ran for EPISD she said in an interview I've posted a couple of times that she wanted to control spending - and then proceeded to push for the largest public debt ever attempted in El Paso county - and passed it.

Now she's going after Escobar for taxes while she was County Judge. Here is video from just this past Thursday night at the Black El Paso Democrats Forum:

But is that how Dori deals on debt in real life?

I seriously get tired of pointing out the hypocrisy in her campaign, but this is egregious. Check out this email from Dori to Juan Cabrera when they were talking about the bond. For all you transparency fans, take note of how she wants to manipulate the facts to meet her desired goal.

By Dori Fenenbock's own admission, "there is a myth that we are over taxes in El Paso". At least, that is her story when she's trying to pass the largest bond ever attempted in El Paso's history. She even goes on to say that overall our tax burden is among the lowest in the country, which is actually no where near accurate.

But take special note of the part in green that I highlighted. If that isn't a shameful comment from an elitist then I don't know what is.

This non-stop parade of hypocrisy and the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude is how Fenenbock has fashioned herself as artificial, saccharine, and not credible.

Its just been one long series of self-inflicted wounds.

So since I'm a fan of quoting rap lyrics, this reminds me of an old classic by Mellow Man Ace called Mentirosa.

"Cuz right now you're just a liar, a straight mentirosa -
 today ya tell me somethin' y mañana otra cosa,"

We good?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Loweree's Hypocrisy

"We prided ourselves on being transparent and being accountable and there was a complete lack of accountability and impartialness from Trustee Byrd" was how Trustee Loweree began an interview with KVIA yesterday that alleged that she didn't know about Susie Byrd working on Veronica Escobar's campaign.

Pretty strong words huh?

But there's more...

She went on to say that "being on the Board and trying to maintain some neutrality, its just impossible to do" when talking about AFT endorsing Veronica Escobar over Dori Fenenbock.

EPISD Board President Trent Hatch also jumped into the self-righteous finger wagging and told KVIA in this story that, "There's no room for politics on the board."

Remember those words because they are important, and tell you quite a bit about Trustees Hatch and Loweree.

Hang on tight people, because you aren't going to believe the level of hypocrisy you're about to see. First of all...

Trustee Hatch, you memmur, the guy who said there was "no room for politics on the board"? Well that guy was at Dori Fenebock's campaign kick-off event. How do I know that?

Because she announced his presence there!

Oh, but y'all ain't seen nothing yet...

Trustee Loweree, Ms We Pride Ourselves on Being Transparent...

Turns out...she actually the biggest hypocrite in this whole story. While at the very same time framing a story about Byrd's involvement in Escobar's campaign - Loweree is...

Wait for it...


Apparently she started a Facebook page in support of Dori, just about a week ago.

Don't believe me?

Well, here's a text message between a teacher in EPISD and Trustee Loweree.

And for the cherry on top...

That message exchange...was TODAY!

We good?

Fun with Finance Reports

If you check the campaign finance reports, which I do regularly, you'll notice a whole lot wrong with finance reports this go-around.

I'm gonna do a post later focusing on all the finance report screw ups, misfilings, and interesting little tidbits later, but I really want to zero in on one particular problem with one particular judicial candidate. 

See, when you're a candidate running for a position in which you are supposed to interpret the law, and you can follow directions or break rules/regulations/laws, you send a really loud message that you don't belong on the bench. 

Sorry, there's no gentle way of saying that, but if you can't get reporting right, how in the hell are you going to be trusted with interpretations of the complexities of the law?

Trust me, that sentence applies to several judicial candidates, but for now the one I'm talking about is Judge Mike Herrera. You know, the guy that has been on the bench forever, who runs every 4 years and outta know better by now?

They one who is apparently running so he can double-dip on the tax-payer dime. 

Yeah, that guy. 

Its not that he got something wrong on his filing. Its not even that he filed it late. 

He just didn't file. 

At all. 


But as usual, nothing will happen unless someone steps up and files an ethics complaint. Period.

Seriously, why is it always this guy?

Loweree Lying?

So things are getting ugly at EPISD over the congressional race and now an appointed member of the EPISD Board of Trustees is weighing in on the endorsement process of the American Federation of Teachers.

Suddenly Trustees Loweree and Hatch are saying they were unaware of Susie Byrd's involvement with Veronica Escobar's campaign. But interestingly, it was not so long ago that EPISD School Board President Trent Hatch had a much different tone.

Here's his quote in an article from last year in the El Paso Times:

"Understood, this is the last thing we need on the board is to start political wars in the media with members of the board," Hatch replied. "I will tell Dori and Juan the same thing."
Byrd then sent Hatch a link to the El Paso Times article about the conversation between Cabrera and Haggerty.
"This is not impressive at all and only brings a black eye to EPISD and the board," Hatch replied.

This was an article about Juan Cabrera, who is now in a meeting to discuss his future with EPISD, and his allegation that Dori Fenenbock was talking about her congressional campaign at board meetings.

So last year the "last thing" the EPISD board of trustees needed was "to start political wars in the media with members of the board" and literally says it brings a "black eye to EPISD and the board".

But now its okay when he and Loweree do it?

Can we just talk about the ninja-level hypocrisy going on here? Hatch is board president now because Fenenbock screwed over Al Velarde who was in line to be the next board president, in favor of Hatch. Fenenbock and Cabrera got a lot of heat for how close they were and the fact that Cabrera was attending partisan political events with Fenenbock and allegedly soliciting campaign donations on her behalf.

Now Fenenbock's ally Cabrera is under fire and Hatch completely flips his position? Loweree was Fenenbock's hand-picked successor and she's the patsy that is being used to raise this issue.

But seriously, what issue is she actually even raising? The AFT endorsement was last month. Hell Fenenbock's supporters were claiming to have it in the bag, so I don't understand the effort to now act like the endorsement came because Susie Byrd made it happen. Have y'all actually spoke to any of the members of AFT?

They are vehemently anti-Fenenbock. Not because of Susie Byrd, but because of Dori Fenenbock's ever-evolving position on charter schools.

I interviewed Fenenbock in 2015 when she was a candidate for EPISD. I asked her about charter schools. Here's the interview. You can hear her answer in 2015. That is why the unions don't like her.

This is obviously a political move on the part of Loweree and Hatch because they probably don't like the fact that Byrd has been calling for a reexamination of Cabrera's contract with EPISD. But the center of it all is what appears to be a bid-rigging scheme that Fenenbock voted for, that allowed a particular vendor to get a contract with EPISD.

Why do I say is obviously a political move? Well I'm glad you asked.

First, where is there any requirement to disclose your political participation in a non-partisan school board? See thats the dirty little secret of this alleged story here. No one is alleging a policy, rule, law, or even an unspoken rule, was violated.

But both are pretending they didn't know Susie Byrd's connection to Escobar's campaign for congress. Seriously, that is their entire premise. They were completely unaware that Susie Byrd was running Escobar's campaign.

Well if there's two things I like to do here on the LSB its quote rap lyrics, and Sir William Shakespeare. As Hamlet says, "the Lady doth protest too much..."

Here's a screen shot of Loweree's Facebook page. Look who we have in common as friends?

And since I quoted Sir William, I shall now quote Sticky Fingas from Onyx - "but, but, but, wait it gets worse..."

Look who else I'm not friends with but is friends with Susie Byrd on Facebook...

That's right, Trent Hatch. Oh wait, is he friends with Veronica Escobar too?

Well thats embarrassing.

So both pretending they don't know about Susie's involvement with Escobar is flat out ridiculous. Especially coming from Fenenbock's hand-picked successor as president and hand-picked successor as trustee.

Also, seriously KVIA, what the hell? Of all the things to cover at EPISD, and there are a lot of big things, you run on story on this - but there was no mention of the special meeting this morning about the future of the embattled Superintendent? Come on, he's your anchor's brother, you know you guys gotta walk the straight and narrow when it comes to not reporting on Cabrera!

Seriously people, go to KVIA's website right now, not one thing about the Cabrera meeting happing this morning.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pizza Math

I've said it several times, Donald Trump has forever changed politics. There was a time in this country that if you said something that wasn't true, your career would be over.

Because the truth used to matter to people.

Those days are over, so this likely won't go anywhere but I still feel the need to call out what looks like a deceptive ad.

Alyssa Perez, who at least for the time being has been removed from the bench as a part-time fill-in magistrate pending an opinion from the County Attorney's Office on a possible conflict of interest but still uses the word "Judge" on her campaign material, has something else interesting on her campaign material.

I was mailed something from her campaign and as you can see, she has an awkwardly phrased statement about having 15 years of experience on all sides of justice. I chuckled over it because I thought it made it sound like she found herself on the other side of the justice system.

But it got me curious because it was so awkward. Lo and behold, I found something interesting.

According to the Texas Bar, she just completed 10 years of experience. Unless I'm reading this wrong:

So according to the State of Texas, she has 10 years of experience as a lawyer. I struggled to figure out how she came to 15 when she only has 10. Honestly, I can't figure it out.

But she may have used a complicated formula to get to the number 15. So lets start with the fact that she has 10 years of experience and is saying she has 15. So she has 5 years working as CLEAT's lawyer. She has 5 years working as a prosecutor.

5+5 = 10

Everyone follow so far?

Well what I THINK she's doing is saying she has 5 years as a prosecutor, 5 yeas as CLEAT, and since she was taking criminal cases for the last 5 years, while working for CLEAT, she's adding ANOTHER 5 years.

The fact that she represents law enforcement and defendants at the same time is the whole reason she's embroiled in a courthouse controversy to begin with! You know, because it was happening at the SAME TIME.

So its not 15 years of experience. Its 10 years of experience. Now she's either purposely trying to make people think she has more experience than she actually has - which is bad - or she doesn't understand that she doesn't actually have 15 years of experience - which is worse.

I'm a helpful kinda guy, so let me break it down in a more easily understood way. Lets say that all 10 years of her experience is represented by a large matter how many slices you cut it down to, its never more experience (pizza) than what you started with.

Still not following? Trying this helpful video...

Carlos Sierra's PAC Fails to File Finances

Who would have thought that a PAC operated by the shady GOP political operative Carlos Sierra would've not filed a finance report as required by law?

Shocker, right?

So apparently Keep El Paso Honest doesn't really mean open and honest. 

Sierra's Pro-Fenenbock political action committee known as Keep El Paso Honest was required by federal law to disclose expenditures once they exceeded the financial limit of $10,000. They were required to notify the public through a filing with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) within 48 hours once they had done so. 

I previously wrote about the pro-Fenenbock PAC's ties to the GOP. Click here to read more about that. In the same post, I included information about the ad buy they made.

I found this on the FEC website, “Once an individual’s or committee’s aggregate independent ex- penditures during a calendar year reach or exceed $10,000 with respect to a given election at any time up to and including the 20th day before an election, a 48-hour report must be filed with and received by the Commission by the end of the second day after the independent expenditure communication is publicly distributed or otherwise publicly disseminated.”

“Keep El Paso Honest” surpassed the $10,000 spending limit in media advertising that was publicly disseminated as of January 28. According to FEC regulations, a disclosure report from “Keep El Paso Honest” should have been filed and available to the public by January 30. 

Carlos Sierra and “Keep El Paso Honest" have failed to do so. 

They are subject to financial penalties now. The purpose of such finance laws is to keep dark money out of politics.

The fact that the pro-Fenenbock PAC with GOP ties is dropping in big amounts of cash to support Fenenbock is a demonstration of the fact that the Republicans see an opportunity to take a seat from the Democrats.

Oh, and in case you're wondering if Sierra's PAC is pro-Fenenbock or not, just take a look at the front page of their website:

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sign Stealing

So for whatever reason people stealing signs seems to be happening more often than normal. Hell, I've personally filed a police report.

And...some candidate for some race I could give a shit about was running around the valley saying he heard I was stealing his signs in Tornillo. Me, personally.

In Tornillo of all places.

Seriously, the fact that you think you need a sign in Tornillo, and that you have multiple, and that you care that they are missing from there, tells me you have never actually looked at voter data. Because if you had, you wouldn't waste a sign in Tornillo.

But anywho, I never really paid attention to the guy until I heard about him saying I was jacking his signs. By now people should know that if you're going to talk shit about me in the valley, I assume you want me to know you are talking shit about me because everyone knows its going to get back to me fairly quickly.

Don't know why the hell he would spread that rumor, but I'm clearly annoyed by it. He now has my attention.

Anywho, in an era where there are cameras everyone, if you steal signs you are eventually gonna get caught. So here's some pics of someone who was stealing a candidates signs and some pics were taken by a neighbor as he was driving away.

Lets make sure everyone makes themselves familiar with this car, shall we?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

County Judge Race Tidbits

When Norma Chavez ditched her clients in exchange for her own political ambitions, it caused a big headache for those candidates. They had to scramble to figure out what to do between the filing deadline and Election Day. It took them quite a while to get on their feet again.

Well at least one of them, County Judge candidate Richard Samaniego ultimately landed with Forma Group. But he's loaded so he can afford their steep fees.

Its too late now but the best thing they could do for Samaniego is fix is logo. I'm guessing that was done by Norma, but its REALLY busy and looks a little like the old school Superman movie font.

Either way, its a big shot in his arm and will probably be the reason he becomes County Judge. He will now have a mail program. So far his campaigning efforts seem to be going to events and putting up a bunch of signs. Now there will be mail that hits homes.

Laura Enriquez has pretty much done nothing that I can see and Mayor Cook says he doesn't have any money. Cook has the most name ID and it is probably the reason that he's been cleaning up at all the endorsement meetings.

According to the last finance reports, no one has any money in that race.

If Norma would have jumped in that race, she'd be the next County Judge.