Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Former Dem Chair is Funny

Rick Melendrez makes me laugh. He talks a lot of shit about bloggers but reads us every day and can quote us chapter and verse. He made a post on Facebook on Monday asking people what their predictions for the election were and asked that no campaign staff or bloggers weigh-in.

Basically he was saying he didn't want Chris Hernandez and I on his little conversation. A buddy of mine saw the most and screenshot it to me.

Funny thing is, if campaign staff are banned, then he must not mean for that rule to apply to himself.

See what Rick doesn't tell anyone is that he does campaign work. So by his rule, he wouldn't be able to comment on his own post.

If you saw the paper recently, there was a sticker for embattled Judge Mike Herrera. If you look closely, you'll see that he did the piece. He's likely being paid by Norma Chavez too.

Which, I don't fault the vato for doing. Just stop acting like you're not a campaign operative when you are.

Also, seriously ... the guy actually referred to Herrera as "an experienced, fair, compassionate and honest judge."

I mean, I'll give him experienced. 

But that is about it. Ask the State Commission on Judicial Conduct if they think Herrera is "fair" or "honest" when he kept his own divorce in his own court. 

Better yet...ask the Family Bar what they think. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chairwoman Holguin Calls out Dori's Republican PAC

In a statement released late last evening, El Paso County Democratic Party Chairwoman Iliana Holguin called out Carlos Sierra's GOP PAC that is supporting Dori Fenenbock and called on Republican Chairman Adolfo Telles to do the same.

The statement comes on the heels of a mailer sent to Republicans urging them to cross-over and vote for a Democrat.

This further complicates things for Dori Fenenbock who has had difficulty shaking the label of closet Republican since she first started campaigning for the position early last year.

As expected, Fenenbock has not disavowed the mailer or the undermining of the Democratic process.

Back in February during the Tejano Democrats endorsement process, the PAC also sent out emails to the Tejano Democrats in a thinly veiled racial undertone of pitting prominent African-American Democrat Don Williams against Latino members of the organization during the endorsement forum. Leadership was attempting to ascertain what member of the organization leaked out members' email addresses to the Republican operative.

It'll be interesting to see where the alleged hard-core Democrats now sit knowing that the Pro-Fenenbock PAC is openly courting votes from Fenenbock's fellow Republicans.

Interestingly enough, there was some brief discussion during the last Tejano meeting about possibly rescinding the endorsement but the conversation didn't go very far. It will be interesting to see if that movement gains any momentum if there is a run-off.

Here is Chairwoman Holguin's statement.



Today, thousands of Republican voters received a political mailer encouraging them not to vote in their own Party’s primary election, but rather to vote in the Democratic Party’s primary election with the specific intention of voting against a particular Democratic candidate in order to try to ensure a run-off primary election in the race for Congressional District 16. Primary elections are an integral part of our country’s democratic election system and are the mechanism by which voters from a particular political party select their party’s nominee to be their candidate during a general election. Primaries are specifically meant to give the power of candidate nomination to the people.
The political mailer paid for and distributed by Keep El Paso Honest, a Super PAC, seeks to undermine the primary election process on which our democratic system of government depends. By encouraging Republican voters to vote in the Democratic Party’s primary, the PAC is effectively attempting to have members of the Republican Party choose the Democratic Party’s nominee for this particular race and trying to take that power away from El Paso’s Democratic voters.

“The tactics employed by the Super PAC Keep El Paso Honest are reprehensible and are contrary to the notion of fair and just elections. The El Paso County Democratic Party has always maintained a positive and amicable working relationship with the El Paso County Republican Party, and I hope that Republican Chair Adolfo Telles promptly disavows and condemns the tactics of this Super PAC. The two parties should not seek to meddle in each other’s elections, but rather should allow their own voters to choose their own candidates,” stated El Paso County Chairwoman Iliana Holguin.

During every primary election, the Democratic Party supports all of its Democratic candidates equally and does not favor one candidate over another. However, when a Super PAC seeks to unduly influence the Democratic Party’s primary, the Party will defend the integrity of the primary election process. It should be noted that Keep El Paso Honest has repeatedly failed to file required federal financial reports,
most recently the report due on February 22. As a result, voters do not know who is funding their political activities. It is precisely because of this type of activity that the Democratic Party supports comprehensive campaign finance reform. “Big money is drowning out the voices of everyday Americans, and we must have the necessary tools to fight back and safeguard our elections and political integrity. We need to end secret, unaccountable money in politics and require disclosure and transparency at all levels of government,” stated Iliana Holguin. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Fenenbock Included Superintendent in Campaign Discussion

Emails obtained recently show that Dori Fenenbock included EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera in correspondence that was directly related to campaign matters back in October of last year after Fenenbock resigned from EPISD. 

The emails were regarding questions that had surfaced around that time about the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the unions that represents teachers in EPISD. AFT is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. 

Fenenbock started campaigning back in May of 2017. While Fenenbock frames it as an exploration of a campaign, once you reach a monetary threshold of $5,000 you become a candidate by FEC regulations. 

In June of 2017 she advocated for, and voted on, a controversial contract to Gafcon, which has come under scrutiny because of the $1,500-per-day consultant and allegations of bid rigging. That $1,500-per-day consultant is now a paid consultant for Dori Fenenbock’s campaign. 

The email was sent from a private email account of Fenenbock to Ross Moore of AFT and a couple of other officials with AFT. What is interesting is that the email is also cc’d to a few other AFT folks, two members of her campaign team, and EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera. 

This draws the immediate question of why Fenenbock would even cc Cabrera, whether a personal email address or an official one, in the first place. Incidentally, it was to his EPISD email address. 

Superintendent Cabrera has no role in AFT operations nor its leadership. So what are the possible reasons that the email was sent to Cabrera? Only one of two reasons that I can see - either it is confirmation that he was more involved in Fenenbock’s campaign that he has publicly admitted to so far, or it was an attempt to intimidate AFT leadership. 
Frankly, it comes off more like a veiled threat. 

And this is yet Fenenbock has the nerve to point fingers about who is politicizing the EPISD board?

Coupled with this news story recently of yet another allegation against Cabrera for campaigning on behalf of Fenenbock, this points to a very disturbing set of circumstances involving Fenenbock and Cabrera. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dori Deletes

More fun with alliteration.

Dori Fenenbock quickly deleted a social media post touting an endorsement from El Paso boxer David Rodriguez.

I guess she hadn't done her homework on the guy, so blame the staff for this one, but Rodriguez is a pro-Trump right-winger.

Fenenbock has been trying to shake the label of a Republican in Democratic clothing for a long time now due to her voting record, contributions to Republican candidates and her husband's financial support for extremist Republican candidates.

Rodriguez and I obviously don't have the same political views, which is fine. We live in America and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. No one is saying Rodriguez isn't entitled to his beliefs, but the political reality is that it is a problem for Fenenbock.


The problem for Fenenbock is when she's touting the endorsement, she ends up having to answer for the beliefs of the endorser, and in this case they are diametrically opposed to the platform of the Democratic Party.

But boy, how quickly does she flip on a vato, amirite? Here was the screenshot of the endorsement before she took it down. She went from being "Proud to have El Paso's #1 Heavyweight" to completely making him disappear faster than a Mafia boss makes a snitch disappear.

The endorsement, which was sorta tipped off when one of her campaign staffers posted pictures on Facebook recently, drew very quick and sharp criticism from Latino Victory.

According to their website, "The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the school board to the Senate to the White House. Latino Victory identifies, recruits, and develops candidates for public office while building a permanent base of Latino donors to support them. Partnering with leading organizations, it shapes public discourse in a way that reflects the growing influence of the Latino community while also building cross-constituency alliances that can move the country forward."

The group is decidedly anti-Trump, so its no wonder that they posted this tweet shortly after Fenenbock went public with the endorsement.

This is the first thing remotely close to political advertising that Fenenbock has had to face as a candidate. It is unclear if Latino Victory will use this as part of a negative ad against Fenenbock, but if there is ultimately a run-off election for the congressional race, it is very likely that Fenenbock will start facing ads that are critical of her record as well.

Of course Fenenbock has not given any public comment on why the post was taken down and has made no mention of the endorsement since. It will be interesting to see if media calls to get a comment on the endorsement and how Fenenbock reconciles Rodriguez's views with her candidacy.

Because the swift removal of the post Fenenbock should be able to answer why it was taken down so quickly and if the answer is because of Rodriguez's views, she would do well to explain how they are the same or different from one another.

Especially in an election that features so many anti-Trump voters. Especially at the 11th hour. If this is leveraged right in the last few days before Election Day, it may be what prevents a run-off.

Another JP Candidate Breaking the Rules

You can't imply you're endorsed by a school or school district. Its a government entity.

I know for a fact that the Superintendent is not going to be happy when he sees this. You can't use the Eastwood High School logo for campaign purposes.

Spanky is gonna get in trouble for this.

Also, since I'm talking about Spanky, he should stop talking about referring kids to the JP courts. Not one single student was referred to the County Attorney (that is where it goes, not the JP) in YISD last year. Spanky outta know that considering he's a Vice Principle at Eastwood.

Also, there was a change in the law and JP's almost never deal with truancy anymore.