Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Dishonest Renegade?

Sorry everyone, been busy and haven't had time to write much. Don't worry, the loser post is coming. But I wanted to take a short minute to write about something we shouldn't forget about just because the election is over.

Carlos Sierra, who is behind the PAC "Keep El Paso Honest" and is President of Sierra Public Affairs and a partner in Renegade Public Affairs missed another filing deadline.

How the hell the guy still gets work in politics when he has such a terrible reputation for playing dirty and not complying with campaign laws is beyond me.

But you can't miss the irony of someone having the audacity to have the word Honest appear anywhere in something he is connected to - especially when said PAC hasn't made one single reporting deadline.

Seriously, the guy has become a political punchline.

The main point of all of this, and he's featured prominently in the upcoming election losers post, is that we have campaign finance laws for a reason. He appears to be side-stepping those laws so that he doesn't have to disclose the donors and expenditures.

So the question that people should be asking is simple - what is Carlos Sierra hiding?

I guess he's either hiding who gave to his PAC or he's hiding the fact that he didn't raise much at all and it was his own money he put into the expenditures of a billboard and social media ads.

I suspect its the latter.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Winners - The 2018 Primary Edition

Like every election season there are winners and losers. 

Lets start with the winners because there are far fewer of them this cycle than losers. 

Obviously, former County Judge Veronica Escobar is the biggest winner in this cycle. Even though there was a crowded field of candidates, a ton of money spent, and a PAC against her, Veronica Escobar stomped a mud hole in her competition. 

It was a statement win if I ever saw one. There were a few but loud dissenters out there but the reality is that no matter how you try to spin it, winning by the margin Escobar won by is a statement. 

She won by more than Beto won his seat and it was a decisive with in the biggest race this town ever sees. 

Susie Byrd got thrown into the mix with the Vero-haters and several of her colleagues that were essentially working for Dori Fenenbock’s campaign. 

I really hope Susie walked into the following EPISD school board meeting and said to each of them, “Scoreboard, bitches.” But she probably didn’t. Either way, put Byrd in the winner circle. 

Sprinkles are for winners, so yet again Mike Apodaca gets sprinkles. He put a massive beat down on his protege Chris Hernandez. You don’t get a candidate as far up in the vote count as Escobar was without a strong field game and Mike came through again. Also won a couple of other races he was working on at the same time. 

David Stout gets in the winner circle for not just winning, but proving me wrong. I thought there was no way he was gonna win because Commissioner Lewis was a much stronger candidate than he has been in the past and had a really strong message against Stout, particularly on the travel. But Stout pulled it out, with a more decisive win than the first time the two squared off four years ago. 

How does Stout celebrate?

He went to SXSW on the tax payer’s dime, but that’s a blog for another day. 

Anyone, kudos to Stout, he proved me wrong. 

Selena Solis had the biggest win of the judicial candidates. She had an uncertain field most of the way and did the lion’s share of campaigning all by herself from what I’m told. You can have the best plan in the world, strongest candidate, etc, but NONE of that matters if you don’t work hard. Solis won her race pretty much on will-power and work ethic. 

Rebeca Bustamante is another example of a candidate showing a strong work ethic makes all the difference. She’s in a run-off with Judge Jesus Urenda, who is the incumbent. Incumbents in run-off elections almost always lose. If the electorate was happy with them, they wouldn’t be in a run-off would they? 

But like Solis, Bustamante was in the 40’s on election night over an incumbent. That spells doom for Urenda, who has already started to throw a few elbows in this race. 

State Rep Mary Gonzalez won decisively as well. She was up against a candidate that other than not having a Spanish surname, was pretty strong. Certainly well financed too. I think Mary Sue Femath has a future in El Paso politics if she wants it, but it wasn't in the cards in this election. Femath's loss was a big loss for Forma, but thats in another post. 

My last “winner” in this election might come as a surprise but its Jerome Tilghman. He is pretty much the only candidate that ran that still has any freaking dignity. He still made the same mistakes he has made before like campaigning by Facebook and stuff, but no one other than former city council candidate David Nevarez (who called him a racial slur), has left an interaction with Jerome that wasn’t impressed. 

He didn't win with the electorate, but he won because he maintained an issue-focused campaign, did his best to keep his colleagues on point with issues, was vocally critical when they weren't, and maintained his bearing as an officer and a gentleman. 

Jerome should run for EPISD school board. Lord knows they could use an upgrade in talent on that board because there’s only a couple of good ones there right now. 

Losers coming up in the next post….

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Loser Lawsuit Part 2

Thanks to a reporter who went on Facebook like I was able to catch the press gaggle after a hearing that just ended that found no reason to hold sanctions against Norma Chavez, Enrique Garcia, and John Carrillo for their lawsuit that they dropped last week.

And as usual, Norma Chavez lives in an alternate reality where she is some sort of constitutional rights vanguard. In ever story Norma tells, she is the hero.

Essentially what the three are now arguing is that they dropped the lawsuit because they weren't able to get a forensic examination on the hard drives used in the last election.

That is half-true. What they fail to mention is that there was a hearing on the matter in court, before the date that Election Administrator said the data was going to be disposed of (which is a normal course of action with any election).

In that hearing, a judge ruled that there was no grounds to warrant such an investigation.

They lost in court. They had their day in court to argue their alleged issue and a judge ruled against them.

Norma Chavez isn't some hero trying to protect voters. Don't believe that for a second.

She's bitter because she did so poorly in the polls. This is an expression of her deep long-held obsession with Veronica Escobar.

Don't think she's obsessed with Escobar? Count how many times she mentions Escobar in that press gaggle.

After they dropped their case, they were silent. It was only now, after the hearing about sanctions against them for filing a frivolous lawsuit was held, that they spoke publicly about their lawsuit. They continue to allege a multinational conspiracy to alter the ballots so that they would lose.

And they still don't cite any actual evidence. They allege "discrepancies" but don't substantiate or even enumerate them. A while back, in an effort to try to add credibility to her conspiracy theory, Chavez alleged that the FBI was involved.

They aren't.

And the fact that they allege discrepancies but don't actually have any real evidence is 1) the reason a judge ruled against them and 2) the reason that this fool-hearted ego circle-jerk is bad for this community because it unnecessarily undermines the confidence in the election system we have.

But you want the clearest indicator that this was about ego and nothing else?

How about the fact that they hadn't mentioned any issues with the election until after the results came back unfavorably for them?

You think they would be filing lawsuits if the results came back in any of their favor? Hell no they wouldn't.

They'd be talking about how the people have spoken.

In December Garcia questioned the electronic voting machines but quickly backed off of it and never mentioned it again, because he thought he was gonna win.

If they were all such defenders of the voters' rights, why did they wait until the last possible day to file a lawsuit?

Because this was never about protecting voters.

It was always about protecting their egos.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

You Gotta Be Kidding Me...

So last week I was reading El Diario and there was an interesting ad I saw that had been placed by out-going Judge Luis Aguilar.

I seriously don't understand it.

The ad mostly tries to explain his decision to hang up his robe and step down from the bench, which is fine.

Here's the ad if you missed it and want to check it out.

But the part that really draws my attention is this paragraph.

For me, it blows my mind that he would include it.

So the judge that won't do an interview explaining why he wanted to step down despite being asked multiple times by multiple outlets went through the trouble of paying for an ad to be placed in the paper criticizing another newspaper their coverage of him not speaking to the media about why he's stepping down?

Are you kidding me?

If he felt that strong about it, why didn't he actually return calls from the media. Specifically, why didn't he pick up the phone and call the Times?

For context, Mike Izquierdo, who works for the Council of Judges was asked during an agenda item in front of commissioner's court discussing if tax payers were going to be stuck paying for his out of town training trip. Commissioners appropriately asked Izquierdo if Aguilar was gonna stay on the ballot or ask to be pulled off the ballot.

They asked Lefty because Aguilar wasn't there.

So he doesn't go to Commissioner's Court when he is the subject of an agenda item (he had court, so there's no issue with him not being there), but he knew there was an item. Izqueirdo said he spoke to Aguilar, so the judge is essentially saying Lefty lied to Commissioners.

Mind you, the judge didn't answer questions from the media on the issue when his office was contacted.

If he had an issue with how the answer was characterized to Commissioner's Court, why not pick up the phone and call the media and straighten things out for the public? Why take out an ad rather than go on the record and answer questions/

Moreover, how the hell does El Diario not take the opportunity to ask the judge about it?

This is the crazy, crazy world we now living in people.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ego is at the Center of the Election Lawsuit

Okay, my little break from the blogosphere is over, time to get back to work. So here we go...

The law suit alleging that El Paso County Elections Administrator Lisa Wise tampered with the election results is stupid. But you guys don’t need me to tell you that, you already know that it is largely about sour grapes. 

It was bad enough that exactly what I said was going to happen, disgraced former State Rep Norma Chavez under-performed a madre, but she had to surrender what little dignity she had left after borrowing money from her parents who are on a fixed income and cashing in her Bitcoin, by filing this ridiculous lawsuit. 

What I’m trying to figure out is how the hell she got Enrique Garcia and John Carrillo to go along with it. 

Like many of you who chuckled when I first heard the news of the lawsuit, I said aloud, “let me guess, it was the Russians.” 

Back earlier in the election season when Chavez was doing campaign Ricardo Samaniego and Ruben Nuñez, Norma and I were at a training being held by the Democratic Party. Truth is, Norma isn’t real bright. There were more than a few times when the class was held up by Norma’s inability to do, well basically anything, on a computer. 

I should point out that there are plenty of seniors that are quite computer proficient, not sure why Norma seems to have such a problem with it. But she was complaining the whole time about how the Russians had hacked her computer. 

Seriously, she believes that. 

The reality is that Norma learned just enough about VAN to make herself look silly. I know exactly where she got the idea that the records reflected that she voted in a location she didn’t vote in, she got it from VAN. 

Someone should have told her VAN is not the official county record. Its a third-party data management system.

It was irresponsible to file a lawsuit that is completely unfounded. The lawsuit is selfish. It further undermines the public’s faith in an elective process that they don’t participate in enough as it is. All because the filers of the suit can’t wrap their heads around the fact that they lost and they lost fair and square. 

I mean think about what they are alleging in the lawsuit that they don’t want to talk about. They are alleging that Lisa Wise went in a fixed the electronic ballots to register voters in favor of Escobar. Do they offer proof? 


But they site the fact that VAN says Norma voted somewhere she didn’t vote, even though the county data shows the correct location, as the premise of their lawsuit. 

And it was filed on the last day possible, just like Norma’s campaign was filed on the last day possible. 

Way to go Norma. You pretend to care about poor raza, but you know who is going to be disenfranchised more by your unfounded loser lawsuit? Poor brown people. Yet another “contribution” you make to El Paso politics. 

But here is the truth that no one really wants to say out loud, so I’ll do it. This lawsuit, at its core, is all about ego. The candidates that filed this lawsuit are essentially upset that they didn’t do better. They can’t believe they did so poorly. 

I personally told at least one of them, last year, to his face that he wasn’t viable and wasn’t going to get above single digits. And guess what, he didn’t. 

Why? Its not because he’s a bad guy or wasn’t a decent candidate for the office. 

They had no base, no money, no resources, no name ID, and not enough time to overcome any of those obstacles. So of course they had a poor showing. Its completely understandable and what you would expect to be the outcome. 

When you factor in that the TV airwaves were bombarded with Escobar and Fenenbock, and the only doors that were being knocked were also being knocked by those two campaigns, of course most of the vote was going to go to those two candidates. 

Politics is timing and opportunity and as I have said repeatedly, it just wasn’t there for them. 

Their egos are what are preventing them from understanding what happened to them. They were underdogs all the way. Neither Garcia nor Carrillo had been on a ballot before. They just didn’t have a strong support base tow work with and didn’t have the ability or resources to make themselves competitive.

The suit was thrown out last week. 

Here's a screenshot of the order and on Thursday there is a sanctions hearing against all three of them for failing to do due diligence before filing the lawsuit. 

So yeah, you just can't file a frivolous lawsuit and not expect repercussions. 


Chavez was a whole other trip. 

Chavez is a sell-out. 

Probably the biggest sell-out I can think of locally. 

If there was anyone that had the street cred to stand up to Dori Fenenbock’s constant cultural appropriation, it was Norma. 

But Norma didn’t touch her, no matter how offensive Fenenbock’s antics. 

Norma did what Norma has ALWAYS does. She attacked raza. Her entire career Norma has done that. When she goes to war, she is always attacking raza. 

And she did the dance for the rich white lady. So on top of making a fool out of herself, her ego and her uncontrollable desire to attack her own, led to her being the biggest example of a sell out this community has seen in as long as I can remember. 

The reality is that she had a poll years ago, before this “lesbian gay woman” video, that showed she wasn’t viable countywide. She ran the poll when Shapleigh’s seat opened up.

Guess what Norma, people don’t like you more now. They like you a whole hell of a lot less, and deservedly so. 

Norma is still Norma. 

She’s petty. 

She’s vile. 

She’s vindictive. 

She makes things personal. 

I guess its poetic that she got 6.66% of the vote. 

None of that has changed about her just because she quotes Jesus every now and then and takes pictures of her feet. 

And just like that old boxer analogy that I bring up every now and again, she stayed around too long and got beat like she stole something. 

As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, this election was a massive slamming of the door in her face. The voters rejected her and they rejected her at a surprising rate. 

Its called karma Norma. All those years of being a nalga to people came home to roost. 

You were the only also-ran that had name ID. So it wasn’t that the voters didn’t know you, like in the case of Garcia and Carrillo or even Tilghman.

They know you.

They just don’t like you. 

It wasn’t Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers. 

It wasn’t Lisa Wise. 

It wasn’t me. 

Hell it wasn’t even Veronica Escobar. 

It was you. 

The voters don’t like you and what you represent to them. 

But truth be told, I kinda want to see a judge order another election. If for no other reason than to revel in the glory of Norma getting even less votes after this. 

So if someone hasn’t already told you, allow me. 

You’re done Norma. 

You were a bad representative. You’re a bad person. You’re a bad consultant. 

Bye Felicia.