Friday, August 10, 2018

Margo Recall Effort

The move was almost genius.

Petitions are now going to go out to recall Mayor Dee Margo. The circulators of the petitions have 60 days to gather 6,000 signatures to force a recall of Mayor Margo. That means they have to get at least 100 signatures a day between now and October 9th.

Had they pulled the trigger on this sooner, they could've been collecting signatures and had time to get on the November ballot. Had Margo been on a November ballot - especially this November - he would have been trounced.


The hill to climb would have been gathering the signatures.

Recalls are rare, as I recall only one has been successful in the County - and that had to be in Socorro and involve a Gandara.

But based on the timing now, the gathering of signatures will now be a lot easier for the circulators. The Democratic Party is likely going to help circulate petitions because, well, Margo is a Republican.

There is an obvious and pronounced anti-Republican sentiment in town that has been building to a crescendo and frankly, if the signatures can't be gathered now then it'll never happen.

The only thing that might stop them from gathering the signatures is the reasons they chose for circulating the petition. They mention taxes and CO's etc.

They are essentially recalling a Republican mayor for acting like a Democrat. Their other argument is an alleged violation of the First Amendment with the stupid stance Margo takes on public comment. Its not a violation of the First Amendment by the way. It has a chilling effect on speaking out - sorta - but its not a violation. Government bodies don't even have to have a public comment portion of a meeting.

But the one thing they mention that probably is the STRONGEST argument for their cause is Margo's transparency problem.

That, quite frankly, should be the main push for the recall. Its something anyone can wrap their head around.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Margo did this to himself. The public comment thing is stupid. He shouldn't have done what he's done with public comment. Give people their three minutes. Let them have their say. People that speak in public comment are always pissed off about something. Let them vent and have their say. I say that as someone who has been to public comment. Remember when Emma Acosta and her imp Dora Oaxaca made an agenda item about me? I do. I'll never forget that.

Anywho, Margo has no one to blame but himself for people being pissed at him for the public comment thing. No on likes to be criticized but if you can't take it, don't run for office.

The email thing is just straight-up pendejo of Margo. Talk about embarrassing for the people of El Paso. Its not like personal communication hasn't been a thing in the public or anything. Come on man, you really screwed up that badly on transparency knowing full well that personal communication on issues is ROUTINELY requested.

Its hard to feel sorry for Margo when he goes out of his way to be a villain. And the email thing wasn't just an embarrassment to the Mayor, it was an embarrassment to the City.

Next in Line

This election, assuming they get the signatures, won't be until next year. It'll be next May. That is plenty of time for Margo to get his crap together. It works to his advantage having that much time to fix things before a recall.

But David Saucedo shouldn't look at this as his way back into the politics. He should continue to smoke whatever it is that he's smoking that makes him think he's viable for a state rep seat and not embarrass himself again. Because Saucedo is not viable for mayor.

Especially because I'd be willing to bet the farm that Mayor Leeser will come back and run again. I know some of you may have forgotten, but the former mayor still has another term of eligibility. It would be the prefect opportunity for him to come back and make another run.

And he'd win.


Roberta said...

Leeser has been all but crickets since he left the office. Except for this:

He was such a good boy.

Anonymous said...

News travels far. Anyone trapped in an elevator with Dee would resort to gnawing their own wrists in hope of bleeding out.