Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Republican CD 16 Tickets Go At It

Williams (L) - Seeberger (R)
The two Republican candidates facing Congresswoman-Elect Veronica Escobar in the November general election have apparently turned on one another.

Obviously that brings me great joy.

But its actually really funny.

Let me back up a bit and explain what is going on. Samuel Williams is an ultra-conservative Donald Trump fan. He's running as an "independent" but he's not independent at all. He's a Republican. He just didn't get his Party's nomination.

Trust me, he's the right of just about anyone that has ever run for office in El Paso.

The other guy is Rick Seeberger, the guy who actually won the GOP nomination. But make no mistake about it, they are both Trumpters.

As you may recall, I wrote about some of Seeberger's dirty laundry, which consisted mostly of bankruptcies but there is also that issue that some have called colloquially, taking candy from babies.

Which despite how some have characterized it, isn't exactly what happened. Seeberger allegedly was involved with a fundraiser activity with a school PTA and the proceeds were allegedly never paid to the PTA.


Anywho, that article was in the Los Angeles Times. Samuel Williams decided to pay for a sponsored ad on Facebook and placed a link to the article.

Thats some gacho stuff right there.

Its something we Democrats would have no problem doing, but the Republicans usually keep a modicum of civility in local races, which is funny because, well, Donald Trump and all.

This is likely going to escalate.

Personally, I can't wait to watch it blow up. The comment section is already pretty damn interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Well for starters you're all sorts of wrong concerning Sam Williams being a republican. He never entered the primary and had no intention of doing so, therefore the idea that he didn't win a nomination is false. Second, ultra conservative is pretty misleading. He's Pro DACA and not against LGBT at all. In fact he's for Liberty or all people. What Sam is against is the political parties, which is why he's an Independent. Not sure where you dig up your info, but it would be best if you didn't post blatant lies on your blog.