Thursday, October 11, 2018

$aucedo Ca$hing in

I swear I'm not making it up. But if you don't believe me, I wouldn't blame you. I had to see it on finance reports myself to believe it.

Everyone wants to be a consultant. A lot of campaigns blow a ton of money on consultants and there are a lot out there that really aren't worth half of what they charge.

Then there's the big firm that just seems to charge a shit ton of money and always leaves candidates wondering what they paid for.

And then there's David Saucedo. Everyone's favorite out of touch, eat-tacos-with-a-fork-and-grey-poupon brown Republican.

He got beat by white a town that is 85% raza.

That is literally the only race he's been involved with.

So it surprises me that he'd decide to put a shingle and decide to be a "campaign consultant". What surprised me more was that he got someone to pay him money to do it.

What surprised me even more was HOW much he got paid to do it.

On one campaign finance report alone, David Saucedo was given over $40,000 by Rick Bonart.

Thats not a typo. Saucedo got 40 large off of Bonart... far.

$40,000 is roughly what was listed as an in-kind contribution on Carlos Corral's campaign finance report for a cup of coffee.

I kid, I kid.

I'll be honest, I've been trying to figure out what would make someone think a guy who ran arguably the worst campaign for mayor I've seen in a long time, was worth that much money.

Thats more than he paid the consultants that ran HIS campaign for mayor - only Chris Hernandez had experience and a win under his belt.

Seriously what campaign experience does Saucedo have worth paying for, much less worth paying as MUCH as he's being paid.

I will say this for Bonart, this shows that he's in it to win it this time. I mean, I think its a terrible waste of good campaign money, but it does show that he's willing to spend whatever it takes to win. He's self-funding his campaign. He's willing to pay whatever it costs to win and he has deep pockets.

Hell, he's even contributing to OTHER candidates in other races.

I'll say this for Bonart, I might not agree with him on some issues, but I honestly admire the guy's passion and ability to put his money where his mouth is. Can't be mad at that.

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