Thursday, November 8, 2018

County Races: Winners & Losers

The Democratic Party flipped the last two seats in El Paso County that were held by Republicans.

So in a way, the El Paso County Democratic Party were winners because it was party muscle that helped make those wins happen. For the first time in YEARS the Democratic Party was actually the machine that has been talked about. Dozens of volunteers filled HQ the last few days helping the party.

I'll be honest, there are still clicks. I got really annoyed at the click that showed up to only put out signs for Escobar and Beto, but didn't take the straight ticket signs or any of the other westside candidates' signs to put up.

But I was heartened to see some of the old school Veronica-Beto haters have come around and were actually WORKING and WORKING hard for all the Democrats. Seriously, for a vato like me who has been in the Party for a long time, no matter how much a lot of them hate my guts, it was really really really nice to see those folks all-in.

That is 100% because of the current Party leadership. El Paso County Chairwoman Iliana Holguin and Tejano Chair Eddie Holguin set the tone from the start and everyone else fell in line. So that means that this could've happened years ago but the Party had leadership that failed us. We had leadership that rather than try to get passed factionalism, they actually fanned the flames and made it worse for years.

Commissioner's Court Pct 4

Every time people sell Carl Robinson short he somehow manages to win. It was probably a decade ago when Carl Robinson defeated Melina Castro for city council. Back then I wrote about the comeback upset and ended the post by saying "Robinson Bumaye".

It was a reference to the chant for Muhammed Ali when he was fighting in a comeback to boxing and did the improbable.

This time Robinson's win is more like when George Foreman won. He's an older fighter than was counted out as a has-been and used the Geritol punch to knock out a much younger kid who didn't take him seriously.

Well, down goes Haggerty, down goes Haggerty.

The other winner in this race is Eddie Holguin and Lily Limon. The two former city representatives have teamed up to start their own consulting firm. I think they had three candidates overall and it looks like they went 2-1. Its pretty likely they'll get picked up for a run-off election.

They get extra sprinkles for pulling out all the stops on this campaign to get the win.

Losers - Max Grossman...again. This is ANOTHER campaign he was involved in where his candidate lost. Seriously Duranguito people - do you really think white Republicans like Haggerty and Grossman really give a damn about the barrio? They don't. The talk is that Grossman recruited a Democratic Party precinct chair to file an ethics complaint against Robinson in a last-ditch effort to help Haggerty. It was a spectacular failure. Grossman was apparently feeling the heat about going after Robinson like that tried to distance himself from the stunt. He said he never knew the guy, but then went on to praise him like he's known him.

Grossman has been very careful to try to kiss Robinson's ass while simultaneously trying to stab him in the back. What Grossman doesn't know is that Robinson's team sees right through what he's been doing. I called them to get comment about Grossman's tactics, him going after Robinson on social media posts while trying to kiss his ass at the same time, etc.

Their quote was, "Max who?".

Then they proceeded to laugh. Needless to say, Grossman's public ass kissing doesn't appear to have been very successful.

Another loser was former JP 5 candidate who ran as a Democrat Lucilla Najera. Turns out the alleged Democrat, and member of Tejano Democrats, was out helping Haggerty on Election Day. She's always been pretty duplicitous (she's probably googling that word right now), but she got caught trying to play both sides throughout this campaign. At one point her and her spouse were allegedly collecting signs for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez, but just days later she was driving Haggerty around. She also got caught trying to play both sides of the District 6 race. I'd be shocked if she had the audacity to show up to a Tejano meeting after supporting Haggerty.

Justice of the Peace Race

Stephanie Frietze is also one of the winners. I don't even remember which JP race it is because well, I hate the westside. But Frietze flipped the seat to blue. Its been a Republican seat practically going back to when Texas was in the confederacy. She had the smallest margin of victory, but it was still a blow out win for her. "Frietze Flipped It" was the first thing I said when I saw the early voting numbers on election night.

The losers in this race were some of the Democrat lawyers I saw that were supporting the Republican candidate. I assume that had to do with personal relationships with her because it damn sure couldn't have been qualifications. Either way, I hope they learned their lesson.

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