Monday, October 8, 2012

SDEC Rebecca Robledo Responds to Reps Marquez, Gonzalez

More criticism of State Representatives Marquez and Gonzalez following their endorsement of Republican State Representative Dee Margo over his Democratic opponent Joe Moody.

Robledo is one of two local representatives to the state Democratic Executive Committee and is the former Chair of the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats.

Here is the text of the letter being sent from the El Paso State Democratic Executive Committeewoman Rebecca Robledo:

It is with great sadness and even greater disappointment that I am writing these words regarding Representatives Naomi Gonzalez and Marissa Marquez. What they have done to the Democratic Party is an embarrassment. Rep. Gonzalez and Rep. Marquez, as so-called Democrats, have allowed themselves to openly endorse a Republican Dee Margo against our very own Democrat Joe Moody under the pretext that Moody was going to run against Marquez which is not true. Instead, after the redistricting took place, Moody moved his family to the district which he is running for now so he wouldn’t run against Rep. Marquez because that’s just the kind of person Joe is.

I was the Chair of the Tejano Paso Del Norte Democrats at the time when Rep. Gonzalez ran and we were the only organization that believed in her enough to endorse her. What a shame!

So we are now faced with the question of what do we do with these two so-called Democrats who have turned their backs on the Democratic Party, not to mention their constituents who believed in them and voted for them? Unfortunately, we cannot remove them from their elected position but I think we should just straight out ban them from any Democratic functions all together. We, as devoted and loyal Democrats will continue to support and endorse our fellow Democrats without these two Representatives.

Rebeca Bustamante Robledo


Max Powers said...


When you endorsed Naomi, you endorsed her not because of you believed her, but because you and your co-horts wanted nothing more than to see Norma's defeat. So let's not get all self-righteous.

As far as banning them from events, Tejano does that already. In fact, you all did not invite Marquez at all to visit with Tejanos members about an endorsement. Tejano support for the her opponent was a foregone conclusion, an opponent mind you that worked for Margo, and had not voted at Democrat, let alone period, prior to endorsing him.

So if Tejano bans Marquez, they will take what they practice already and make it a formality.

But let's talk policy, let's see where Marquez ranks:

Yup. She ranks as a solid Democrat certainly more solid than Pickett and Quintanilla.

In 2009, when both Chavez and Moody where in the House, Marquez still ranked as a stronger Democrat than rest of the House delegation:

The Lion Star said...

Max, I'm guessing you are one of her staffers. So if you are, you might want to do a better job. If you are going to point to her Democratic credentials, you should consider two things.

First, its the height of hypocrisy to do so when your boss is endorsing someone who is against the very values you are trying to point to as Marquez being an advocate for. should not forget the fact that she gets a lot of money from the TLR. I'm not gonna insult your intelligence and pretend that you don't know who they are and the candidates they support. Almost exclusively Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Very proud of our SDEC Rebeca Bustamante! Thank you for calling those two out.

Max Powers said...


Actually, no I am not Marquez's staffer or Marquez's staffer. Nor am I her consultant or former consultant. Nor her family member or boyfriend, etc.

Height of hypocrisy? On policy, what you allege you believe is what matters, Marquez is a strong Democrat. But because she does not support an entitled candidate running on his father's name...all of sudden..."OH SHIT! YOU HATE THE POORS!!!". Nonsense.

On matters of party membership, sorry, as you have posted in your blogs regarding Camino Real MAD, Tejano PDN, and most recently EPYD, your own stories about Blanche, Norma, etc, also you and Don Minton, we can go...NO ONE has a perfect score. On that note, El Paso went for Bush in 1998, and it supported Kay Bailey Hutchison over Democrat Bob Kruger in 1993. So it appears that even in this Democratic town, Democrats have supported Republicans.

TLR exclusively supporting Republicans, you may want to check out the Rio Grande Valley as well as Houston. Of course they support mostly Republicans because - GASP! - we live in a mostly Republican state. Voters, not money or PACS, ultimately decided that. Regarding TLR, again, on the most important issue for TLR, a constitutional amendment concerning medical tort reform, El Paso County overwhelmingly approved a TLR-backed initiative. Go to any doctor's office in El Paso today, ask them what they thought of that bill.

So what else you got?

The Lion Star said...

What I got is a question. Where the hell did you get the idea I said she was against the poor? You should confine your argument to what I actually said. And again, height of hypocrisy, if she's such a strong D then why on earth would she not support someone who's political beliefs are in tune w her own? The fact that she chooses one over the other because of her own convenience is straight up Norma style.

The TLR almost exclusively funds Republica s because of their agenda not because we live in a republican state. You aren't naive so don't feign ignorance as to their funding strategies.

Max Powers said...

Hold up, in fact were Norma's biggest cheerleader because you know what she did? She got things done. And guess how she did it? That's right working with Republicans!!! You now call it convenience, but as strong Democrat Rahm Emanuel says, "Politics is the art of the possible."

Again with the TLR. Okay so TLR supports Republicans because of their agenda. An agenda that is popular with Texans because Texans have elected and continue to elect Republicans to all statewide offices, and Texans give them majorities in both Houses. In light of this fact...guess have to work with Republicans. You need 76 votes to pass a bill in the Texas House and 16 Senators to pass a bill in the Senate. There are only 48 House Democrats, and only 12 Democrats. Let's throw in Moody, you are still way short of 76 votes. Let's not forget you also have to get a Republican governor to sign a bill as well. But you want El Paso to put all its eggs in one political basket all for the sake of party purity. Now, Democrats are being as bad as Republicans who wouldn't even agree with Obama even if Obama said "2+2=4".

Anonymous said...

wow Rebecca Robledo, i suppose you are supporting Barbara Carrasco too, like your mentors Blanche & Norma ; David K. was right about this Party. it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Democrats - they claim to be the party of tolerance but, as shown over and over,the tolerance is only when you agree with their limited agenda.

Mike Armstead

The Lion Star said...

Hold up Max, at least try to be consistent in your argument. You're entire argument is predicated on a fallacy. The fallacy that Margo gets shit done. He hasn't, he doesn't. The rest of your argument is basically bullshit.

You can argue all you want about the TLR because you're entitled to your own opinion but you aren't entitled to your own facts and the facts are, the TLR is an organization that almost exclusively funds Republican candidates. The reason they do is because thats the party who will advocate for what they want.

What else ya got Max. I got plenty of time on my hands, so bring it.

Max Powers said...

Exclusively? You need a dictionary. Because since 2000 TLR has contributed $2.9 million dollars to Democrats, Democrats such as:

- Sen. Jose Rodriguez
- Rep. Quintanilla
- Rep. Pickett
- Rep. Senfronia Thompson
- Rep. Sylvester Turner
- Sen. Kirk Watson
- Sen. Judith Zaffirini
- Rep. Mike Villareal
- Rep. Jose Menendez
- Rep. Mark Strama
- Sen. Eddie Lucio...

...oh man, I can go on. All that info is from a group of conservatives that actually opposes TLR because they support Democrats who support "illegal immigrants," "side with Planned Parenthood", etc ( So I guess that makes TLR moderate right, if conservatives and liberals hate it.

Again, Margo, is a Republican, and we are in a Republican state. When someone needs to approach Republican leadership to protect funding for UTEP or the Medical School or lobby Republican control TxDOT, its Margo who has access, not Moody.

Truth is, Jaime. You got nothing. Remember O'Rourke, the guy are supporting because you are a "good" Democrat. Backed Jay Kleberg. Do you think had Kleberg won, and that O'Rourke would have then backed Moody? Please.

The Lion Star said...

Ah Max, tell your boss she should raise your pay because you are at least giving it the old college try.

Thats a cute trick putting the aggregate of contributions to Democrats. But it is NOTHING compared to the money they contribute to Republicans. HUGE contributions to Republicans. A la madre.

Margo hasn't done shit. No one can point to any act he has taken that has had ANY impact on El Paso.

I don't know who O'Rourke would've backed, although I know for a fact that Haggerty supported Moody...

Reload...I'm waiting...

Max Powers said...


No, I don't get paid for this. It just called Google..but of course...don't let facts get in your way of your argument.

You said TLR "exclusively" gave to Republicans, which is not true (unless you don't know what "exclusively" means) when looking at the facts.

Margo, didn't do shit? I am sorry, but taking a look at Moody's website on "Issues", the stuff his is taking credit for he had to nothing to do with it. For example, "Under Moody, the State balanced its budget without forcing school districts to fire teachers, increase class sizes or close campuses." Moody wasn't even on a budget-writing committee. And the reason why Texas balanced that budget was because billions of dollars of federal stimulus, which Moody had nothing to do with.

Moody on the property tax exemption bill for disable veterans...guess what a Republican filed that bill much earlier than he did. Moody filed a copy, and his copy which he boasts on his website HB 1008 did not pass.

Say all you want about TLR, El Paso voted for a constitutional amendment by TLR - overwhelmingly. Marty try to make an issue of it with Norma, Norma won. Norma tried to make an issue it with Naomi, Naomi won. Moreno tried to make an issue of with it Marquez, Marquez won. Barraza tried to make an issue of if with Marquez, Marquez won. I assume as you much as you dislike TLR, you must really love TTLA, which yes it gives historically mostly to Democrats, because what - it also gives to Trial Lawyer Republicans!!!

Again, TLR gives more to Republican because - WAIT FOR IT - there are MORE Republicans in the Texas than Democrats. Shocker, I know. The Texas House ain't El Paso County Commissioners Court. Why are there more Republicans than Democrats in Texas because - WAIT FOR IT - Republicans are more popular than Democrats. That is a political reality you can ignore if you want, but you're not the person in the arena, and you're not want the voting.

Strong Democrat? Again, my first comment was directed to Rebeca, but it appears you took it personally. But as I provided the facts - AGAIN - Marquez had a strong Democratic voting record than everybody else from the El Paso House Delegation. So when someone like Rebeca says Marquez turns her back on the working class, it's not true (which I was using HYPERBOLE and SARCASM with "OH YOU THE HATE POORS", which by the way I never said you said).

"But, but, but endorse"? Again, El Paso Democrats supporting a Republican is not unheard of:

- O'Rourke for Kleberg
- El Paso for Bush (1998)
- El Paso for Kay Bailey Hutchison (1993)
- Jaime for Minton
- Current Democratic Clubs supporting Carrasco

If you got problem, then you got a problem with all of El Paso.

The truth is people are pissed at Marquez because "she jumped in line." While everybody was waiting in El Paso for Moreno to retire so they can run for an open seat, or hoping for Moreno to give them the dedazo, Marquez had the balls to get in to run and yes, win. It's this "wait your turn", "pay your dues" mentality why people are not as involved in the local party. El Paso needs help now, it doesn't run on Moreno's or Chavez's watch.

Anonymous said...

What hypocrites. Where was Rebecca's "disappointment" when Pee Wee Mier worked for Dee Margo when Margo ran vs Shapleigh? Oh, how about Rita Sarinana, who is running Dan Whatever-his-last-name is and Barbara Carrasco's campaign.

I'm disgusted by this "party." It's no wonder the structure is going way of the dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Why is it OK for the Democratic Party to endorse the Rep. Barbara Carrasco over the Dem. Beto O'Rourke? I dont understand? Someone please explain. Isn't this whole Naomi/ Marissa controversy essentially doing the same thing? This is the ultimate hypocrissy within the local democratic party and quite frankly the reason nothing ever gets accomplished here. Its time for you children to grow up, take responsibilty and learn the art of effective compromise between the two party system. Reach accross the eisle and learn how to effectivley govern...maybe then El Paso Dems will be taken seriously.

The Lion Star said...

From a former staffer in Austin: "so you need to tell that max powers guy that they only person that gets anything done with TXDOT is Pickett. I worked for him and he is the only one that was able to put ANYTHING in appropriations bc he was good friends with the chair. He didnt do anything but fil 2 bills and try to take credit by putting his name on bills other people passed."

Max Powers said...

Somebody who worked for Pickett thinks Pickett is awesome? You gotta be kidding me. You were trying to call me out for being a staffer for Marquez, and so you go find a former Pickett staffer and take their word to heart. It's been a while since Pickett was good friends with the Chair - who is a Republican... "OH NOES!!! Pickett works with Republicans. Pickett even had a Republican roommate!!!"

Putting his name on bills other people passed? You mean like Moody and disable veterans exemption bill, which HB 1008 by Moody did NOT pass? Or how Moody balance the budget like claims on his website? Or like how Moody claimed to fight for you UTEP?

Anonymous said...

Naomi Gonzalez is a much better, much smarter, much more polite representative than that ugly 2 faced whats her name. I will still vote for her no matter what party hat she wears.

Anonymous said...

Party Unity My Ass. The moreno's, norma chavez, and reyes all lost, so did pat haggerty. Tried calling the local democrat party number 533-2141? The phone just rings and rings. No one is there to answer the phone. All those democrat clubs SUCK.... Have those democrat clubs endorsed barbara carrasco yet? The real democratsa are out there working their asses off. The real democrats support Marissa Marquez and Naomi Gonzalez. Naomi and Marissa cannot vote fot dee margo. Did yolie clay cross over and vote for pat haggerty and dee margo on past elections?

Anonymous said...

The Letters to the Editor in the El Passo Times opimiom page are supporting Marisa Marquez and Naomi Gonzalez. Public opinion is on the side og the State Representatives.